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Year 5 Blog

 Friday 13th June 2018


Hello everyone and welcome to our Year 5 blog,

Firstly, well done to Calum. He is this week’s ‘Pupil of the Week’. What a fantastic role model he is, and his solo singing performance in the show was amazing too.

This week we have performed our play ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. We had two performances on Wednesday for parents; an afternoon and evening show. They were both very successful. Some children did notice a tear or two in their parents’ eyes so they really must have been great performances. Well done to the children who had a solo singing part- you were great!

The beginning of the week was taken up with last minute dress rehearsals and practising of lines, but towards the end of the week we have been getting very creative. We are currently working in mixed Y5 and Year 6 groups to perform different tasks and challenges. It is really making us think hard about how we need to work in a team, not just now when we are in school, but also when we leave school and have to get a job.

One of our challenges has been to create a board game. Some of the games we made were based on old classics like ‘Snakes and Ladders’, but some children came up with some unusual ideas of their own too. It may sound simple but it really wasn’t. One of the reasons was because we also had to have rules to explain the game, so that other children could play the game too. We had lots of fun; all the children were putting into practise a variety of skills they had learnt throughout the year. Many of the groups also made question cards to go with their board game; they included spelling, maths, grammar, science, history and mystery questions.

Everyone is looking forward to more interesting and varied challenges next week, which of course is our last week.

Anyway have a lovely weekend,

Love from Mrs Cross, Miss Savage and Year 5 xxx