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                                                                             Reception Blog

Friday 15th July 2016

This week we have still been practising sounds in phonics and number recognition and formation in Maths.

In Topic we have been looking at a book ‘It’s a secret’ by the author John Burningham. The story told us about the characters Marie Elaine, Norman Kowalski and Malcolm the Cat. Initially we listened to and discussed the story, then we locked it into our memory by reading it again and sequencing the events before finally taking part in ‘hot seating’. This is when we take on the role of the character. Mrs Foy took on the role of Norman, Hannah was Marie Elaine and Cain was Malcolm. Both children did really well at taking on the part of the characters and the rest of the class asked them some really well thought questions.

On Wednesday morning we were invited to watch the dress rehearsal for the KS2 performance. We really enjoyed it and we wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of the children on TV in the future, they were brilliant actors and actresses!

On Thursday morning we went to spend some time with our new teacher Miss Crosbie in our new classroom. Although some of us were a little nervous beforehand everyone had a lovely time and it wasn’t as scary as we thought it would be. While we were out Year 6 came to visit Reception and Mrs Foy, Miss Davies and Mrs Churton let them play in our areas! They took lots of photos of them using our areas which we really enjoyed looking at during the afternoon.

And to top off our very busy week on Friday we went to Underwater Street where we had a brilliant time! Everyone was extremely well behaved, we made lots of things like a water powered boat, a tissue flower, pirate hats, slime and bath bombs! We also really enjoyed the trip on the coach but were a bit disappointed when Mrs Foy said that the coach couldn’t possibly fit through the drive through at McDonalds! :)


Pupil of the Week – Awarded to Xavier for following the class rules, Well done Xavier!

 Just a reminder

Party and own clothes for WWF charity—Monday 18th July

Awards Assembly – Tuesday 19th July 9am

Celebration Afternoon—Tuesday 19th July—2pm to 3.20pm

Leaver’s assembly – Wednesday 20th July 9am                            School closes at normal time today for the summer holidays.

                                                                              Have a lovely weekend :)

                                                                                       Mrs Foy, Miss Davies and Mrs Churton



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