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Year 2




Year 2 Blog 15.7.16

Welcome back everyone!

This week has been really super with our new teacher Miss Green. At the start of the week, Miss Green set herself a challenge to learn all of our names before the end of the week. By the end of the first day she knew most of them already, although Charlie and Alfie were more of a challenge! Well, by the end of the week, she not only knew all of our names but she also knew lots of interesting facts about us.

We started the week with some Olympic related activities. In maths we made a paper plate discus and then tried to see how far we could throw it. We predicted this first and then after throwing it we used rulers and trundle wheels to measure how far they had travelled. We were great at measuring!

We have had a lovely time getting to know each other this week. We have been researching the ancient Olympic Games and discovering all the different sports they used to take part in- some of them are very bizarre!

Also in maths we have been solving some tricky problems about the Paralympics. This involved us reading the problem with our partner and deciding what to do with the numbers (+-x:-). We solved lots of these correctly and really enjoyed the challenge.

In English we have been reading and answering questions about the Olympics- modern and ancient. When we were writing the answers we had to remember to answer in full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Also we really enjoyed using the laptops to research countries that are in the Olympic Games this year in Rio. The first country we researched was Great Britain. We found out some interesting facts about Britain like how many people live here, who the prime minister is, and who the team captain is for the Olympics.

On Thursday we had our morning lessons in our new classroom, and this was fun too. We have really enjoyed working with Miss Green and showing her how fantastic we are. She has been impressed with our reading and writing skills and we are looking forward to being in year 3.

We enjoyed our PE lesson in the sun! We practised for sports day and taking part in our very own Y2 bench ball tournament! Congratulations to the red team, for not only winning – but for demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.

Well done to everyone for trying their best in the sports day activities. We all really cheered our teams on has hard as we could. Thankfully it didn’t rain too.

See you all next week.

Love from all in Year 2 xxx