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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Friday 15th July

Welcome back everyone!

Our week started with lots of dress rehearsals, making the final tweaks on our KS2 performance. I’m sure you will agree, that the performance was a big success. All of the children performed well and really enjoyed themselves. Thank you again for providing your children with costumes and props… we really couldn’t have done it without you!

On Thursday morning, the children experienced being a Y6 pupil for the first time. Our transition morning went very well in school and the children enjoyed it in Mrs Price’s class. The children are really looking forward to their last year at primary school, taking on lots of roles and responsibilities in school.

On Thursday afternoon. The children participated in a workshop. It was to raise awareness of Dementia. The workshop used actors to portray different scenarios, to make children think about how a person with Dementia should be spoken to- with respect, slowly and taking time to respond. The children also discussed how a person who has Dementia may feel. To explain this, the children were told to close their eyes and imagine different settings. They used words such as ‘scared’ and ‘vulnerable’ to explain their feelings.

Our busy week ended with our Sports Day this morning. We were very lucky, because as soon as it struck 12, the heavens opened! The children really enjoyed themselves and the team work and good sportsmanship throughout school was lovely to see. Thank you to those of you who came to watch. The children really appreciated it!

Have a good weekend everyone! The last one before the big break!

Lots of love,

Miss Myers, Mrs Owen and all Year 5


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