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Year 1

Friday 7th July


It’s been another very busy week in Year One.

In maths this week we have been applying a range of strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems

We have had another week working on our science question as part of ‘Science Week’. We have been carrying out investigations in order to find out ‘What is the best material to make a boat?’

We though carefully about what a good boat would need to be able to do and decided that it must be able to float and travel across the water carrying a captain and a crew.

The children worked hard to ensure that our investigations were all a ‘fair test’. To begin with we tested a range of different materials to see if they would float or sink. After we had eliminated the materials that sank we put the materials that could float back in the water. This time we used a Lego man to see if the material used could hold a crew, then gently blew the ‘boats’across the water. All of the materials that we tested could carry a Lego man across the water . . . even the paper! We thought carefully and decided that we needed to test the different boats in stormy waters like the sea rather than still waters. We made waves in the water with our hands and only the plastic and wood boats survived. The natural wood was quite wet as it had started to soak up the water but the plastic dried easy which showed us that plastic was the best material because it was strong and waterproof.  We all spent time writing a letter back to Jamie and the Year Six children explaining our findings. 

In Geography this week we have been learning more about hot and cold places around the world. We were able to draw and label the equator on a blank world map, then we coloured the map to show the hot and cold places.

In English this week we read Meerkat Mail. It was fun to hear about all the places Sunny visited, but it’s very true “there’s no place like home”.  We all wrote a descriptive piece of writing describing the Kalahari Desert.

We have lots of fun in art this week. We started off by learning more about creating tones and shades using different types of media. We then moved on to sketching meerkats.  On Thursday afternoon we used clay to make a 3D model of a meerkat.  We currently have our own Meerkat Manor in the corner of our classroom where all our meerkats are drying out. We are hoping to have our meerkats painted by the end of next week

Our pupil of the week this week is Hannah. Hannah worked very hard on her writing this week, ensuring that she re read her work back to check her spellings where right. Hannah is beginning to take pride in all of the work she produces.

We spent Friday morning getting to know Mr Kruze and our Year 2 classroom. We had a busy morning and really enjoyed ourselves.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Crosbie, Mrs Kenyon and Mrs Yates