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Reception 2018/19

Welcome to our reception blog!

We have just completed our first full week in school. We have begun to follow our routines such as sitting at the tables for snack, brushing our teeth and going to the hall for lunch. We have been using the new ticket system to get our lunch and we were fantastic at walking to our tables with our tray of food, eating sensibly and then taking our tray to be cleaned again. We have been out to play at lunch when the weather has permitted.

Now that the baseline assessment has been completed for phonics we have been learning the sounds 'm' (rhyme = Maisie mountain mountain) 'a' (rhyme = around the apple and down the leaf) and 's' (rhyme = slither down the snake). We were able to push these sounds together and some children could read ‘as’ ‘am’ and ‘sam’.

While we are still completing assessments in number we have been taking part in number recognition activities, singing nursery rhymes and completing jigsaws.

Mrs Cross comes in on a Monday afternoon to teach us RE (this usually consists of stories from the children’s bible and suitable age related activities). Later in the week we also took part in a music lesson which we really enjoyed, and I think we can say we have some fantastic singers and dancers in our class!

We also had our first PE lesson where we changed into or kits. Everyone tried really hard to get changed independently. Could I please ask parents/carers that if you normally help your child to get dressed could you allow them to do this on their own as this will really benefit them when getting changed for P.E

Everyone who signed up to Target Tracker should have now received invitations. Please check junk mail and from past experience we have found that it is usually better to sign up on a laptop or computer as opposed to a mobile phone. If you haven’t signed up yet or you haven’t received your invitation via email please speak to Mrs Foy.

Times for Parents Evening have been attached to the inside of your child’s planner and you should have also received a ‘Welcome to Reception’ letter which gives a little more information on our class.

                                               Have a lovely weekend, love from Mrs Foy, Mrs Rogers and Miss Burton



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