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Year 1 2018/19


Friday 19th October 2018

Wow! – We think the first half term has flown by so quickly. And we are so proud at how hard all of Year 1 have worked!

This week has been particularly special because it has been Poetry Week. In Literacy we all learned the first verse of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ off by heart. We then used the poem as a model for our own writing, by including some of our own ideas for adjectives to describe the stars, boat, sea and guitar.

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have the poet Levi Tafari visit school. After an amazing assembly (where Levi performed some of his poems with our help) we then took part in a workshop to write poems. Levi was very impressed with our imaginative ideas.

Lily J, Emelie S and Oliver E were also chosen from our class to perform in the ‘Off by heart’ poetry competition. They gave excellent performances, so well done to all of them!

In Art, we've been using different materials to re-create the beautiful illuminations saw on her trip to Blackpool. Mrs K has put them up and made a brilliant display in the KS1 art area.

During Science we looked at how animals adapt during Autumn and Winter. We learned that hedgehogs hibernate, which means they sleep for all of the cold weather and wake up for Spring. Coincidentally, our Year 6 teacher Mrs Price rescued a tiny hedgehog from the front of the school. She called the Lowton Hedgehog Rescue Centre and they are now looking after the hedgehog.

Then we had a very special guest on Friday – Mrs Kenyon’s pet hedgehog called Henry. Everyone was very calm and quiet, while Henry got used to his new surroundings. We watched Henry eat his lunch, play in his pen and have a bath! We also asked Mrs Kenyon lots of questions to find out more information.

This week our ‘Pupil of the week’ was Stephanie for being so kind and helpful towards other children. Well done Stephanie!

Thank you to everyone who attended Parents Evening - it was lovely to meet you all properly and discuss how your child has settled into Year 1.

We hope you all have a lovely week off and see you on Monday 29th October.


Miss Davies, Mrs Churton and Mrs Kenyon