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Year 4 2018/19

Friday 21st September

Hello again, welcome back to Year 4's Weekly Blog!

We can’t believe we are at week 3 already… time flies when you’re having fun! The children are now getting back into the routine of school life and are enjoying the new challenges that Year 4 has to offer.

Our second recorder lesson on Monday went very well and the children were all given a recorder to take home (providing they had written consent on the home agreement form). The children will regularly be given pieces of music to practise, so any support at home would be greatly appreciated.

The children continue to love our class novel, ‘Toto the Ninja Cat.’ At the moment Toto and her brother Silver are out on their first adventure with Catface and on their way home they’ve stumbled across a narrow alley where they can hear strange noises. When Toto wanted to go and explore, Catface has told her and her brother that it’s too dangerous. Will Toto go and investigate?

After discussing the different teeth we have and their functions, in science this week we have started to put together an experiment to investigate how sugar affects teeth. We are going to use boiled eggs (the shell will represent the enamel on our teeth) and place them into containers filled with different liquids. The liquids will include coca cola and water, as well as a range of others. We will monitor the eggs over a week, to see which are affected the most. The children have predicted that the egg in the coca cola will be affected the most because of its high sugar content. To be continued…

Next week the children will be voting for this year’s school council. Remember Year 4, if you’d like to be a candidate, prepare for your short, little speech about why you feel you’d be a good representative for our class!


  • Please send in your signed ‘Library Home Agreement’ form.
  • Mathletics homework will be uploaded on Friday’s.
  • Weekly spellings will be given. Any support with this at home would be greatly appreciated.
  • We encourage reading x3 times a week at home.
  • E lessons are on a Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has an outdoor P.E kit for the winter months.
  • Please return the completed recorder agreement form after Monday.
  • Tuck is now 15p for toast and 25p for milk.
  • Photographer will be in school on Tuesday 25th September.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Myers, Mrs Davies & Year 4