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Year 6 2018/19



Friday 28th September

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to Lucy  – our pupil of the week. Lucy has proven to be a wonderful role model in class. Well done.

In maths we have been using negative numbers, finding the difference between, increasing and decreasing temperatures in order to solve problems.

In English we have been finding out how to write ‘well-constructed’ sentences using a variety of sentence openers.

We have been using our class novel, How to Live Forever, to write descriptions of settings. We absolutely love our class novel – ask us all about it.

In science we have been researching the taxonomist Carl Linnaeus and finding out about his classification system to classify living things. We have also been researching the question ‘What’s the most unusual creature that exists on Earth?’ Ask us about our discoveries as we have found some weird and wonderful creatures.


Have a lovely weekend.

Year 6.



Year 6.

Mrs Price, Mrs Anderson and Miss Hughes

 Friday 7th September

Friday 14th September

Friday 21st September