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Governors' Blog

 Hello and welcome to the Autumn edition of the Lowton J&I governors’ blog. 

Since our last blog post we’ve all been busy carrying out our various roles, visiting the school and staff members according to what type of link governor we are. We aim to each make at least one visit to the school every term, to monitor the areas we’ve been given. 

I met with Mrs Foy, the school SENCO, in early November to chat about how the School helps its SEND pupils (those with special educational needs or disabilities), because I am the SEND link governor. Other governors have also been meeting with their staff members according to their role (e.g. safeguarding governor, EYFS governor, etc.). After each visit we each write a short report on what we did and what we learned, and these are all sent to the local authority.

We all met in October for a half day “away day”, where we discussed the school improvement plan and our own governors development plan. We have all been given jobs to do over the next few months to help us improve as a governing body - we want to be the best so that our school can be the best. 

Some of us also attended a “Governors Forum” - a meeting of lots of local school governors where we can chat about being a School governor and listen to talks from governors and teachers about their experiences. This time, our headteacher Mrs Davies gave a talk about some of the work she and us have been doing here at our school. 

Our first blog post was a great success and we were pleased to find that the local governor services department in Wigan have been sharing it with other schools as an example of good practice :) . We also aim to engage with parents a bit more by attending the school Christmas fair and other events so do come and say hello! Our trust governor Hazel Wroxford-Thomas will be manning the jam stall, and some of the rest of us will be around too.

Over the next two months we will meet again for a full governing body meeting on the 
19th December, and our two sub committees will also meet to discuss the schools results/standards (22nd November) and budget (17th January).

Have a great autumn term

Yvette Merga
Parent Governor



September 2017

Hello and welcome to the first Lowton J&I Governors’ blog! This blog aims to give you all a little snapshot of what the school governors do, and who we are.

I’d like to start by welcoming everyone back to school for the new school year, and a special welcome to those of you joining us for the first time! I hope you all have a great year at our school.

For those of you who don’t know us, the governing body for Lowton J&I school is currently made up of eight volunteers who are responsible for ensuring that every child in our school gets the best possible education. Some of us are parents of children at the school, some are school staff and others are volunteers from the community. Details of who we all are can be found on the school website under the governors section; Our main aims are to:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.In early 2017 the governing body for our school went through some changes, with two new parent governors (Yvette Merga and Tracy Wilson-Vardy) coming on board and a new set of meetings being planned.
  4. We had two “away days” at Leigh Sports Village, where we evaluated our skills as a governing body, developed a new set of values and a new mission statement for the school, and assigned “Link governors” to various areas in the school, so that each governor now has a specific area of learning that they monitor through regular school visits with a relevant staff member, and report back on these visits to the governing body. These roles can be seen below:


Link Governor

Staff member

Health and Safety

Jake Colbeck

Mrs Staley

Sports and PE

Charlotte Crosbie

Miss Green, Mr Kruze

SEND/Vulnerable Children

Yvette Merga

Mrs Foy, Mrs Price, Mrs Davies


Hazel Thomas

Mrs Gregory, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Davies


Helen Eaton

Mrs Davies, Mrs Gregory

KS1 /EYFS Standards

Tracey Wilson Vardy

Mrs Foy, Miss Crosbie

KS2 Standards

Deb Garner

Mrs Price, Miss Myers


Each governor aims to visit the school once each term, to keep updated on their area, and the local authority provides us with training on how to do a good job of this!

We also met with the visiting OFSTED inspector when she came to assess the school in the spring, so we could give evidence of what the governing body has been doing to fulfil its role. We were pleased to find that she was happy with our work!

Through this school year we will have several meetings of the full governing body which are also attended by a clerk from the local authority. The first of these was on 19th September. We also have two sub-committees with a smaller number of governors in each, who meet for additional meetings; the Curriculum and Standards Committee are responsible for governance of the schools educational standards while the Resources Committee are responsible for the finance and budget of the school. Minutes from all our meetings can be found on the school website if you’d like to see what we discuss.

We have more meetings planned over the next few months including another away day in October, so in our next blog I will give you an update on what we have achieved so far in this new school year, and what our plans are for 2018.

Until next time!

Yvette Merga, Parent governor.