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Friday 23rd June 2017

Phonics—We are still working on our writing and we are getting better all the time. We will be doing lots more writing over the next few weeks so that we will be ready for Year 1.

 Maths—This week we have been looking at Weighing and Timing. We used our large outdoor weighing scales to investigate balancing, heavier and lighter. We also used sand timers to measure how many claps we could do in 1 minute, as well as star jumps and building activities.

 Topic—We have been looking at the story ‘The Whales’ Song’. We heard how Lilly gave the whales a present of a yellow flower. We talked about whales and what we thought they sounded like before watching a film clip. We thought the whale song sounded a bit spooky! The children then went on to talk about the coral in the ocean so we looked at underwater pictures and discussed how important it is to look after the coral.

The children really enjoyed listening to the relaxing music and watching the fishes underwater, so we left it playing while the children chose in the areas. At one point they even set up a cinema to watch the interactive whiteboard! On Friday morning we wrote our own ideas of what gift we would give to the whales.

On Tuesday afternoon we took part in our annual Sports Day. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents who came to support us in the lovely sunshine. We really enjoyed taking part in the various sport activities before ending the day with running races. We have been practising racing in our PE sessions.

 On Friday afternoon we went into the chill zone with year 1 while our class was used for Inspire (for the new children), we had a lovely afternoon.

 Don’t forget the Summer Fayre on Saturday! Hope you can make it!


                                                                           Have a lovely weekend!

                                                                                 Mrs Foy, Miss Davies, Mrs Churton and Reception x





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07.10.16               02.12.16             03.02.17                31.03.17               09.06.17

14.10.16               09.12.16             10.02.17                21.04.17               16.06.17

21.10.16               16.12.16             17.02.17                28.04.17               23.06.17

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