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Reception Blog

Friday 20th April 2018

Wow, what a busy week we’ve had even though we were only in school for 4 days!

Phonics –We are still working hard on our reading, using both the set 1 and 2 sounds to help us. We have also been doing guided writing (where we all work together to hear the sounds in the words within a given sentence) and in independent writing (where we compose our own sentence and write the sounds in the words on our own). Well done to the children who completed their diary over the holiday, it was lovely to share them with the class.

Number – This week we have been working on ‘doubling’. The children have grasped this concept really quickly and were eager to explore the outdoor area to find ‘doubles’ of objects. The homework for Monday will be based          on this skill.

Topic – Before the holiday the children expressed an interest in ‘Space’. We began our week by reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ that the Magic Box gave us. Just as we got to the end of the story Miss Davies heard a loud bang outside! We went to investigate and found that a small rocket had crash landed into one of our plants! We were extremely excited and shocked by this! After a lengthy discussion we decided to go back indoors where some children wrote down their theories as to how and why the rocket had ended up in our garden. Following this we decided to turn our kitchen area into a space station. We also watched a real launch of a space rocket on the internet and listened to ‘The Throne Room’ (music from the Star Wars film).

On Wednesday Mrs Thomas brought us some frogspawn from her pond. We have made a little investigation area where we can watch them with magnifying glasses and we have a non-fiction book which explains the life cycle of a frog. When Mrs Mills and Mrs Churton went for fresh pond water on Friday they returned with a frog to show us!

George the tortoise also came to visit us this week. George belongs to Mrs Kenyon and he really seemed to enjoy meeting all the children, who stroked him really carefully and asked lots of good questions to find out more about him.

We have also been exploring magnets. We found it really interesting that one side of the magnets attracts and the other side repels. This made the children laugh to feel the resistance between the magnets and prompted lots of further investigations to test a range of materials. Charlie found out that the magnets stuck to his birthday badge!

Also this week we have introduced the Daily Mile across school. In Reception we have been walking around the playground after lunch. We have only been walking for approximately 3 minutes to introduce the idea of the daily walk/run. During PE on Friday Mr Fitzpatrick came on our walk with us.


We are still requesting photos of your child reading in unusual places, thank you to the parents who have sent them in already.

Don’t forget to send in wows to celebrate your child’s achievements, and of course your child receives a dojo too!

Don’t forget to send examples of your child’s achievements via the email, especially any ICT related experiences that will contribute to our display.

                                                        Have a lovely weekend, love from

                                                                   Mrs Foy, Miss Davies and Mrs Churton