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Reception Blog

Friday 16th February 2018

Well, what a busy week we have had!

Phonics – We have been carrying out little assessments, in a fun way, to find out how the children are doing with their recognition of sounds along with their blending and segmenting abilities and we are really impressed!

Number – We have been working on ordinal numbers through the story ‘The Great Race’ which told the story of how the Chinese calendar first came about. We used pictures of the animals to discuss 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. As in the phonics we have also been carrying out simple assessments of number recognition and counting 1-1 correspondence. The assessments are to ensure we can support and move the children along at the correct level over the next half term.

On Tuesday we had the ‘Pop Project’ in school. All the children across school got the chance to sing along with them, Key stage 1 particularly liked the songs like ‘See you later Alligator’ and ‘In the Jungle’, we love it when Pop Project come in!

On Thursday we watched ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by M and M productions. We all had a great time, we cheered, shouted and sang along, fantastic!

Topic – This week we spent the whole week focusing on Chinese New Year. We turned our home corner into a Chinese restaurant, put wool and pompoms in our finger gym along with chopsticks for the children to practise picking up the ‘food’. And of course on Wednesday we went on the coach to Liverpool Chinatown! First we visited a Chinese supermarket where we looked at all the decorations and Chinese food and then we went to a restaurant where we had noodles, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls and rice to name but a few. We absolutely loved it and on the way out a lady commented that our behaviour had been impeccable! If you're at a loose end over the weekend there will be lots of celebrations going on in Manchester and Liverpool to celebrate the New Year.

On Friday morning we had our regular Open morning where all the parents and grandparents were invited to see our classroom and our work. We always look forward to these mornings as we are really proud of our achievements!


Don’t forget to send in wows to celebrate your child’s achievements, and of course your child receives a dojo too!

Don’t forget to send examples of your child’s achievements via the email, especially any ICT related experiences that will contribute to our display.

                                                  Have a lovely half term holiday, see you on Monday 26th February,

                                                                     Mrs Foy, Miss Davies and Mrs Churton