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Reception 2017/18

Wk ending 22/09/17

Well what a fantastic first week we have had!

We have really settled into our classroom routines and the children have been earning dojos for coming into the classroom all on their own! They have been hanging up their coats, putting their planners into the baskets on their tables before practising to write over their names.

We now know where our carpet places are and again we have been earning dojos for sitting in the correct place.

We have been exploring all our learning areas and taking part in assessment for pencil and scissor control as well as number and sound recognition.

In the outdoor area we have been using the paints to explore colour and mixing – we really enjoyed it.

In PE we worked with Mr Fitzpatrick. He showed us lots of new games to play. One of our favourites was ‘The Smelly Socks’ game.

Today we had lots of fun playing the 'Who's under the blanket game'. We were all really sensible and didn't tell the person guessing who was under the blanket.

The parents who have signed up to the Target Tracker link should have received an invitation email. If you haven't yet sent in your email address could you do this as soon as possible.

                                                                    Have a lovely weekend, See you on Monday!

                                                                                    Mrs Foy, Miss Davies and Mrs Churton