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 Year 1 Blog 



Friday 15th June 2018


It’s been another busy week in Year One. 

In Maths, we’ve been continuing to look at odd and even numbers. We are now very good at identifying odd and even numbers on a hundred square or a number line. This week, we had a go at investigating what happens when we add together different combinations of odd and even numbers; odd + odd, even + even, odd + even, odd + odd + odd, even + even + even. We chose different examples of odd and even numbers to add together and then tried to describe the pattern that we saw. For example. 3+5=8, 5+9=14, 13+7=20 and 7+9=16. We noticed that when you add two odd numbers together, you always get an even number.

In Literacy this week we have started to read some of the ‘Just So Stories’ by Rudyard Kipling. We tried to summarise the stories ‘How the camel got his hump’ and ‘How the zebra got his stripes’. Then we read Miss Davies’ favourite ‘How the leopard got his spots’. At the end of the week, we wrote descriptive sentences using adjectives to describe what the leopard looked like at the beginning of the story, and what he looked like after he’d transformed.

This week we’ve had quite a few Computing sessions. We’ve been practising programming beebots and recording the instructions that we gave them. See the photos below of us using our instructions to get out beebots to visit different animals at ‘Lowton Zoo’!  

On Friday afternoon, the children from out Reception class came to visit us for an hour. We had lots of fun together and made sure that we helped the younger children to follow our class rules.

Our star of the week was Hannah, for working so well with other children during PE sessions. She is a fantastic team player and always puts lots of effort into activities. Well done Hannah!


We hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Miss Davies and Mrs Kenyon.