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 Year 1 Blog 

Friday 20th April 2018

We’ve had a wonderful first week back in Year One.

On Tuesday, we launched straight into our new topic which is ‘Amazing Animals!’ We were very lucky as we were visited by Mrs Kenyon’s tortoise called George. We found out that he is a reptile because he has hard scaly skin, is cold blooded and lays eggs. For the rest of this term we will be learning more about different groups of animals and sorting them into their different categories – reptiles, mammals, amphibians, fish and birds.

In Literacy, we started to read some animal themed poetry. We really enjoyed performing poems called ‘Bears don’t like bananas’ and ‘Animal Movements’. All week, we’ve been trying to spot rhyming words in these poems and finishing off rhyming strings ourselves such as snake, cake, bake, shake.

In Maths, we’ve been focusing on measuring again – this time we’ve been measuring the weight of objects using balance scales. We compared different objects using the maths vocabulary ‘heavier than’ or ‘lighter than’ and also tried to find any objects that weighed the same and were ‘equal’.

This week, the whole of Lowton school also began their ‘mile a day’ challenge. In order to keep fit and healthy every class will try to run, jog or walk a mile around the school grounds. Every day this week Year 1 has done a brilliant job at pacing ourselves to complete our mile walk. Over the next few weeks, we will build up to jogging our mile and increasing our pace.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely sunny weekend,

Miss Davies and Mrs Kenyon.