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Year 2 Blog

Friday 16th February
Hello everyone,

A tough week over and done with! I have really tested the children this week to make sure I have the best possible understanding about where each child is currently working at. After the holiday we will be in a very important half term with the SATs fast approaching. I feel with the data we now have each child will be able to work on the gaps they have in order to make progress. Thank you to all the children this week for working extremely hard.

In Maths this week we focused on all the arithmetic questions that will appear on the SATs arithmetic paper. The children’s results in their assessments in comparison to December is fantastic. After the holidays we will be moving away from the arithmetic and focusing more on shape, money and statistics (graphs). I will continue to send arithmetic homework and it is vital your child completes this homework otherwise they will begin to forget the methods we have worked so hard on for the last term and a half.

In English we spent time finding out about Ernst Shackleton’s ship (The Endurance). Using the information we gathered we were able to design our own ship and write about why it was the best ship in the world. We will be moving on to the second part of our topic after the holidays ‘Australia’. So if you could find out any facts about Australia over the holidays and bring them in that would be great!

Over the holiday I have set a ‘project’ which is to make a didgeridoo (a traditional Aboriginal instrument). The instructions are on the sheet and we will display the completed work in our classroom once we get back.

Keep reading at home everyone! (If you can read you can do anything)

Have a fantastic break. The children have all worked extremely hard and they are a pleasure to teach,

Mr Kruze, Mrs Mills and Miss Burton


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