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   Year 3 Blog.

Friday 15th June 

We have had a lovely week in class this week. In our English lessons, we have been revisiting using inverted commas to indicate direct speech. We have been watching a video called “Rock, Paper Scissors” which tells the story of three characters echoing the game. In this video there is no speech, therefore, we have been using our role playing skills to recreate the video adding our own speech, pretending we’re the characters from the video.

In Maths, we have been investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We have been practising using the terminology vertices, edges, sides and angles. We have been recognising the differences between 2d and 3d and then sorting the shapes into groups depending upon their properties.

In our Science lessons, we have planted our seeds. We ensured we used the same amount of soil for each of our seeds to ensure that our test was fair. Each day now we will water the plants with varying amounts of water to see which amount of water is the ideal amount for plants to grow.

Next week is assessment week in school where the children are assessed in maths, reading and grammar. This is nothing for the children to be concerned about, it is just a tool for helping us to assess where your child is for their end of year reports.

 Just a few polite reminders for the forthcoming weeks:


Our sports day will be held at Lowton J and I on Wednesday the 27th of June 2018. We aim to start at approximately 13:00 once the children are in from lunch.Parents, grandparents and carers are all more than welcome to watch your child take park. 

  • PE  for the next three weeks will now be back to a Friday– so can all PE kits (both indoor and outdoor) be in school on this day please? 
  • Tuck money – In KS2, children are responsible for ordering and paying for their own tuck. Where possible, can children have the correct money (or as close as) in order for break time to go as smoothly as possible? It is 15p for toast and 15p for milk. 
  • Can all children be reading three times per week at home please. Reading at home is essential in aiding us to become bettwe writers. This can be the school book they bring home, the book they've loaned from our library or a book of their choice from home. This way we can fill our bookmarks and win the KS2 prize! 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Green, Mrs Higson and Mrs Owen.


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