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   Year 3 Blog.

Friday 9.2.18

Welcome back to our weekly blog.

Firstly, we have some important dates coming up for the diary:

  • Tuesday the 13th we have POP project in school.
  • Thursday the 15th we have the pantomime.
  • Friday the 16th its parents open morning.
  • March the 7th is our school trip to Chester.
  • March the 19th is our Lets Sing! Trip.

In our English, we have been using subordinating conjunctions to link our subordinating clauses to our main clauses. We have created the acronym I SAW A WABUB to help us remember our subordinating conjunctions. As a class, we are slowly getting better at using our subordinate clause not just at the end of a main clause, but to start our sentences to (not forgetting the comma!) All this new terminology was initially incredibly daunting for our class, however I am really impressed at how we are now using these tricky words all the time when completing our big writes.

In maths, we have been looking at statistics and data and been creating bar charts, tally charts and pictograms to represent our data. It is very handy indeed that this maths topic has fallen this week as we need to be fantastic at drawing charts to represent the data we’ve collected from our Science lessons.

In Science, we have continued with our project this week of creating a product to replace our toast time snack. We have been considering how our product is going to look and what ingredients are going to go into our product – remembering we want our new snack to be healthy. That in mind, the suggestion of chicken nugget and mayo flavoured toast was quickly disregarded!

This week has been internet safety week in school, we have been discussing how we can remain safe online whilst utilising all the wonderful things the internet has to offer. We created a poser to display what we have learned.


Just a few polite reminders for the forthcoming weeks:

  • School trip to Chester Dewah Roman Museum - Wednesday the 7th March
  • PE  for the next three weeks will now be back to a Friday– so can all PE kits (both indoor and outdoor) be in school on this day please? 
  • Tuck money – In KS2, children are responsible for ordering and paying for their own tuck. Where possible, can children have the correct money (or as close as) in order for break time to go as smoothly as possible? It is 15p for toast and 15p for milk. 
  • Can all children be reading three times per week at home please. Reading at home is essential in aiding us to become bettwe writers. This can be the school book they bring home, the book they've loaned from our library or a book of their choice from home. This way we can fill our bookmarks and win the KS2 prize! 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Green, Mrs Higson and Mrs Owen.


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