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   Year 3 Blog.

Friday 20.4.18

Welcome back to our first blog of the Summer term (how scarily quick is this year going?

I trust that you have all had a lovely two weeks Easter holiday. It has been lovely hearing about all the wonderful adventures you have all been on.

In our English lessons, we have been practising using inverted commas to indicate direct speech. We have been practising including commas or question marks to our statements or questions alongside inverted commas. Earlier in the year, we were introduced to inverted commas and now that we have been revisiting this piece of punctuation, I am thrilled to see how much we have remembered and how we can confidently apply the punctuation to our writing. On Friday, we took part in role play pretending we were characters from our class novel “The pugs of the frozen north.” We pretended we were Sika and Shen (the two main characters) and created a conversation that may have occurred between the two. We then wrote this down, ensuring that we could remember to include all of the grammar and punctuation we have learned this week.

In our Maths lessons, we have been continuing with our fractions unit. This week we have been finding equivalent fractions. For example 2/4 is equivalent to ½ and 3/10 is equivalent to 6/20. The children now are beginning to understand how important times tables are as they as using their tables in all areas of our maths.

Well done to those children who achieved their times tables bands this week. I’m delighted to see that lots of hard work and practise has occurred over the holidays.

We have started our new Science topic this term. We have two Science units the first being “Light and Shadow” and the second being “How does your garden grow?” We have been investigating light this week and understanding the two different types of light sources, natural and manmade light.

As I’m sure you are aware, on Thursday we had a particularly sunny day. Please may I ask that if you feel your child requires sun screen during the lunchtime sun that you send in a bottle of sun cream with your child’s name clearly written on it. Also hats with peaks to provide shade for eyes would be suitable.


Just a few polite reminders for the forthcoming weeks:

  • PE  for the next three weeks will now be back to a Friday– so can all PE kits (both indoor and outdoor) be in school on this day please? 
  • Tuck money – In KS2, children are responsible for ordering and paying for their own tuck. Where possible, can children have the correct money (or as close as) in order for break time to go as smoothly as possible? It is 15p for toast and 15p for milk. 
  • Can all children be reading three times per week at home please. Reading at home is essential in aiding us to become bettwe writers. This can be the school book they bring home, the book they've loaned from our library or a book of their choice from home. This way we can fill our bookmarks and win the KS2 prize! 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Green, Mrs Higson and Mrs Owen.


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