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Year 4 Blog

Friday 17th November

Welcome back to Year 4’s weekly blog!

Following on from last week, the children have planned and drafted their own instructions for ‘How to care for a white elephant’. Hamlet the elephant, (a character from our class novel ‘A Firework Makers Daughter’) is sent to anyone that has disobeyed or upset the King in the story. The chosen person has to look after him by feeding him tons of mango flavoured Turkish delight, cover his tusks in gold leaf and buy enormous silk sheets for him to lay on. All of this expense causes the recipient of the elephant to lose all of their money. The children wrote instructions for anyone who had to care for Hamlet, ensuring that they care for him correctly and avoid upsetting the King again.

This week our scientific question has been, ‘How do materials change state?’ and we found out the answer through a simple experiment. Materials change state through heating and cooling. Did you know that a material’s freezing and melting point is usually the same… for example water’s freezing point is 0°C and so is its melting point.

This week has been Anti Bullying Week and we have been exploring the different types of bullying and how to make it STOP. The theme this year is ‘All Different, All Equal’ and we discussed what makes us all different in class… this includes our appearance, our personalities and our likes and dislikes. Regardless of all this, we are equal, nobody is better than anyone else and it is important that we treat one another fairly. We created a beautiful piece of artwork, which consisted of all of the children’s handprints. The children wrote down five things on each finger that makes them different. This will be displayed in school.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a cakes for the cake sale today and wore pyjamas for Children in Need. We have been very cosy all day!


  • We are looking forward to the Robin Hood production on Monday… please send in your £5 contribution if you haven’t done so already. Thankyou.
  • Remember that on Monday 11th December, it is our first recorder performance. We would love you to be there!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Miss Myers, Mrs Davies and Y4 x