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Year 4 Blog

Friday 16th February

Welcome back everyone.

We’ve had a wonderful week to finish the first half of the Spring term!

On Tuesday, the Pop Project came into to school and treated us to a concert on British Literature. The children really enjoyed the workshop and they were able to get involved by dressing up in the costumes of many different characters from a range of books. Emerson dressed up as a pirate from ‘Treasure Island’ and others included Alice in Wonderland and the Gorilla from the book written by Anthony Browne.

In History we continued with our World War II topic. This week, we focused on The Holocaust. I’m sure the children came home on Tuesday and told you all about it! They were amazed at the discrimination against Jewish people in Germany before the war. Did you know that the Jews were made to sit on designated seats on buses and trains, people were stopped from buying goods at Jewish shops and even school children were openly bullied and humiliated by other pupils and their teachers?

To try and explain it to the children, Miss Myers used two apples at the start of the lesson. The apples looked the same but were from different places and Miss Myers treated them both very differently. As a result, one of the apples turned out to be bruised and dented, the other was kept safe and remained perfect. When Miss Myers cut the apples in half, both were still exactly the same inside. The apples represented two people during the World War II period. Arnost Rosin was a Slovak Jew (from Slovakia). During the war, Rosin was detained at a death camp in Auschwitz, Poland because he was Jewish and the Nazi regime believed he, and thousands of other Jews, deserved to die – just because they were Jewish. Luckily, Rosin escaped from Auschwitz on 27th May,1944.

 Joseph Goebbels was a close friend of Adolf Hitler and member of the Nazi party. Goebbels had a strong hatred for the Jewish people and believed they should be exterminated. He was in charge of propaganda during the war that aimed to promote and justify this extreme form of prejudice. This led us on to talk about one of our British values; Mutual Respect. Just because we believe in different religions or different things doesn’t mean we should be treated differently. The children created some beautiful posters to show this, which are now on display around school.

We had a wonderful trip to Tatton Park on Wednesday. The children’s behaviour was impeccable and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, even in such cold weather.

Y4 all looked fantastic in their evacuee costumes (thank you for all your support). The children loved visiting Aunt Mary’s house and had the opportunity to toast their own piece of bread by the fire! They also had a walk round the farm, fed the animals and practised milking a cow (of course, it wasn’t a real one!) Enjoy our pictures below…

Thank you to those parents who attended our open morning this morning. It is always so lovely to be able to have a chat with you, as you look at your children’s work and see how much they have progressed.

Just a reminder that on Thursday 1st March it is World Book Day. We look forward to seeing all the children’s classic themed costumes!

Have a fantastic half term break everyone!

Love from Miss Myers, Mrs Davies and Y4 x