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Year 4 2017/18


Friday 22nd September

Hello again, welcome back to Year 4's Weekly Blog!

We can’t believe we are at week 3 already… time flies when you’re having fun! The children are now getting back into the routine of school life and are enjoying the new challenges that Year 4 has to offer.

We had a very exciting day on Thursday, when we had to vote for this year’s Year 4 school council representatives. The candidates had to make a little speech to the rest of the class, to explain why they feel they would be suitable for the position. In the end it was, Charlie S, Alfie, Holly, Emma H, George and Freddie in the final election. We will find out on Monday, who this year’s representatives are.

We have been learning how to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 in Maths this week. The children did very well and followed the instructions from Miss Myers- to write the number and identify which column they had to look at to decide whether to round up or down. Although it was very difficult at first, by Friday, during our problem solving and reasoning lesson, the children evidenced that they can round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 confidently. Superstars!

In English, we continued to write about a setting and characters using expanded noun phrases, but this week we also added in fronted adverbials that are also punctuated correctly.

Freddie wrote:

‘The singing blackbird soared through the sky, as the sound of children’s laughter filled the air. In front of the rough, rushing river, there stood a fairly dated, isolated house. The hose belonged to a family, who had moved from a busy vibrant city, to the peaceful countryside. It was so calm in the country that you could hear the whistling of the wind and the sound of birds tweeting in the tall, oak trees.’

During our Science lessons we have started to explore the different teeth we have and their jobs. Did you know that we have particular teeth to tear, cut and grind our food? This helps towards the start the process of digestion. We also found out a very interesting fact about wisdom teeth… ask the children all about it!

Our second recorder lesson on Monday went very well and the children were all given a recorder to take home (providing they had written consent on the home agreement form). The children will regularly be given pieces of music to practise, so any support at home would be greatly appreciated.


  • The username and password for your child to access Mathletics at home is located at their front of their planner.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Myers, Mrs Davies & Year 4