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Year 4 Blog

Friday 15th June

Welcome back to Year 4’s weekly blog. This week seems to have flown by!

In maths, we have been continuing to read, interpret and present information, using bar charts and line graphs. We have particularly been focusing on line graphs this week and the children have completed lots of problem solving and reasoning activities successfully. Towards the end of the week, the children wanted to find out how many children in the class had green, blue, brown and hazel eyes. They first gathered and recorded the information using a tally system. They then presented the data in a bar chart and then used this to interpret the data and answer questions.

In our English lessons, the children have been writing a balanced argument; should animals be kept in zoos? As a class, we looked at the structure of how the text is set out and identified the features. We then discussed the differences of opinions (for and against). Miss Myers explained to the children how important it is to write a balanced argument so that it is fair and the reader can then decide their opinion based upon the facts.

We had two ‘for’ points that were written in detail and two ‘against’ points.

For                                            Against

Educational                               Limited space

Prevents extinction                  Affects animals natural behaviour

The children had lots of fun having a debate in class and enjoyed applying causal/contrasting conjunctions and adverbials to their writing.

Harley explained,

“Some people believe that zoos are educational places where children and adults can learn about all the different types of species. On the other hand, others believe that the limited space in enclosures can affect an animal’s natural behaviour.”

Well done for some producing some super writing this week Year 4!


  • Sports Day – Wednesday 27th June
  • Summer Fayre- Saturday 30th June 12-3pm
  • Mobile Farm in school – Friday 6th June

Have a good weekend everyone!

Love from Miss Myers, Mrs Davies and Y4 x