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Year 4 Blog

Friday 20th April

Welcome back to Year 4’s weekly blog.

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed all your chocolate eggs!

The children have returned from their two week break enthusiastic and ready to learn. Miss Myers can’t believe that this is our last term together before they leave for Year 5. I have to say, they are more than ready as they have all grown in confidence, become much more mature and are definite hard workers... ready for the Year 5 curriculum.

We started the week with our Maths lesson. This week we have been looking at writing decimals, recognising the value of each digit and making a whole. The children also now understand the decimal equivalents of ¼, 1/2 and ¾ and can label them on a number line. Well done everyone! Year 4 will go onto compare, order and round decimals next week and from the excellent work and superb understanding this week, I’m sure they will take to it like a duck to water!

In English we have continued with descriptive writing but instead of writing about the adventures of Varjak Paw, we have started to describe the characters and setting of our new class novel ‘Perijee and Me’. It has been lovely to see so many children return to school after the Easter break with their own copies of the book. The children are really enjoying having their own copy to follow in class.

The children have been very excited as Miss Myers has told them that she has been in contact with Ross Montgomery over the Easter break. Ross is the author of ‘Perijee and Me’ and Miss Myers has arranged for him to visit Lowton J&I to do a workshop with the Year 4’s soon! He has also said that he will do a book signing for them! Lucky Year 4!

We started our new Science topic on Tuesday, ‘Living Things’. We began the lesson by discussing that plants and animals are both living things as they need water, food and oxygen to help them grow, as well as sunshine. Year 4 learned that there are different animal ‘classes’, these are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. Each category has specific features, for example mammals have fur or hair, produce milk for their young and are warm blooded. Lions are mammals and so are humans! After looking at pictures of a range of animals and ‘classifying’ them, Miss Myers brought in a special visitor… George. George is Mrs Kenyon’s pet tortoise and he had a wonderful time visiting Year 4. He was on his best behaviour and let all of the children stoke him. After a brief discussion, the children decided that George was a reptile as he is a cold blooded animal, tortoises produce eggs and they use their lungs to breathe.

We also have some amphibians residing in the Year 4 classroom. Miss Myers thought that it would be a lovely idea for Year 4 to watch the development of a frog, starting from a tadpole. We have however, acquired a net, as Miss Myers is a tad worried that there may be around one hundred frogs bouncing around her classroom on Monday morning!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, let’s hope that the weather stays glorious!

Love from Miss Myers, Mrs Davies and Y4 x