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Year 5 Blog


Friday 16th February

Well it has been a very busy but fun half term! In our science lessons, we have been carrying out our own investigations based on our own questions, recording the results and evaluating our findings. We all showed that we can work sensibly together and we can’t wait to explore our ‘Forces’ topic in the next few weeks.

We finally found out who was responsible for taking our bookmarks! After writing our reports, a teacher finally came forward saying that she had taken then to prevent us from winning the prize and that she had made a terrible mistake! Please ask us all about this at home. We have created some excellent work and we thoroughly enjoyed our writing this week. Well done to all of our children for being very resilient learners.

In maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. This was quite tricky for some of us at first, but we then realised that we just had to use our times tables (finding common factors and multiples).

Here’s one to try:

2/3 + 4/6 =

Thank you to all of our parents who came to our open morning today: it was lovely to see you all (it gave us the chance to show off). If you missed it and would like to come in and see our books, please don’t hesitate to arrange a time with Mrs Fitzroy after school.

Well, we hope you have a lovely half term break and we will see you all in a week.

Mrs Fitzroy, Miss Savage and all of Year 5.












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