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Year 5 Blog

 Friday 15th June 2018

Hello again,

Welcome to our Year 5 blog.

What another busy week we’ve all had in Year 5.

First of all we’d like to say well done to Ruth, who was our ‘Pupil of the Week’. This award well deserved as Ruth is such a super role model.

In English we have been using a lot of ‘talk for writing’ to help us practise saying (before we write) the next part of our stories. A special mention to Eva, Liberty and Callum, who managed to use all the ‘clues’ we had collected to help them to say, in clear sentences, the build up to the dilemma in our stories. They impressed everyone in their class too.

In Maths we have been converting kilometres to metres, kilograms to grams and vice versa. Some of us were finding this a bit tricky at the beginning of the week, but with practice and some tips and clues from children (William had a really good tip) we are all definitely getting the hang of it now.

We are all trying to keep fit and healthy by doing the daily mile, which is not that easy when the weather is very hot- or raining either. Mind you we are not complaining as it gives us a welcome break from classwork!

Lots of us have been struggling to see the moon this week. We are trying to observe the phases of the moon, but it is proving very difficult. The moon seems to be either blocked by cloud cover or else it is only rising after we have gone to bed. Keep looking everyone- perhaps we will see more of it next week.

We are trying to find our ‘Spelling Champion’ for the end of year award. This is proving quite difficult as there are some very good spellers in Year 5.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Have a lovely weekend- and keep an eye open for that pesky moon!

Love from Year 5, Mrs Cross and Miss Savage xxx