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Welcome to Lowton Junior and Infant School, encouraging growth at every stage of your child’s development.

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Friday 3rd July

We have had a wonderful week in Base 1.

Despite our absolutely fantastic persuasive letters Mrs Davies came to the conclusion that there just wasn't enough money in this years school budget to fund a Teacher-Bot. We were a little disappointed but then we found out that we would be getting a visit from another robot . . . . a Photo-Bot! We were so excited! We thought about the type of things a Photo-Bot might do but when it finally arrived it was even better than we had imagined. Photo-Bot flew over our school, taking lots of amazing photographs.

Then we had a brainwave . . . we decided to write a message to Photo-Bot to tell it who we were, but we had left our pencils and books inside so had to get creative!

When Photo-Bot finally landed we had so many questions! We all got the chance to have a closer look at Photo-Bot and started to get a better understanding of how it worked.

We were so lucky to have been visited by Photo-Bot, we thought that every school should do it! But before that day most of us had never even heard of a Photo-Bot. So in Literacy we wrote persuasive adverts for one, the finished results were fantastic!

In Maths this week we have been revisiting addition and subtraction using a range of different strategies. In computing we have finished our coding project and have now all created a simple click and go app.

As we are coming towards the end of the year, next week we will begin to collect in everyone's library and home reading books. Lots of parents have asked when the results of the year one phonics screening will be released - these will be included in your child's end of year report.


Have a lovely  weekend,

Miss Crosbie






Our Year in Photos!


Sports Day



The Great Outdoors - Base 1 Go Camping!


The Creepy Crawly Show

As a treat for Ellis' birthday his parents organised and paid for our class to have a visit from the creepy crawly show. We had a fantastic afternoon learning about all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures! Thank you!



Base One and the Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time there were a  class of thirty excitable children. They were in year one at Lowton Junior and Infant School. One day they made lots of gingerbread men. When they had baked the gingerbread men they decorated them. The children gave each gingerbread man two fat raisins for eyes, three colourful smarties for buttons and a smile made from icing. When they had finished decorating their gingerbread men the children left them on a tray in the kitchen. They were over the moon with their gingerbread men and they couldn't wait to take them home at the end of the day.

When the children weren't looking, one of the gingerbread men hopped of the tray! He waved at the other gingerbread men and said "See you later, I'm off!". The gingerbread man slid down the leg of the kitchen counter and ran across the kitchen floor as fast as his legs would carry him. The cook saw the gingerbread man "STOP!" she yelled but before she could catch him the gingerbread man he ran out of the kitchen door and out to the car park.

As the gingerbread man ran across the car park, Mrs Gwilliam was getting out of her car "STOP!" she cried "I want to eat you!". The gingerbread man didn't stop. He ran faster and faster down the path until he bumped into a cat. "Meow, you look yummy" called the cat. The gingerbread man ran faster and faster until he got to the traffic lights. His legs were so tired from all of the running. The gingerbread climbed up to the button and decided to have a little rest . . .





As part of our 'Growth and Green Fingers' topic we looked at healthy snacks. We tasted lots of different fresh and dried fruits then we designed a flapjack including our two most favourite fruits. As a class we made a huge tray of banana and raisin flapjack, it tasted delicious. We then had to think about how we could encourage people to buy our flapjacks if they were in the supermarket. We each designed an eye catching wrapper and thought of a few enticing sentences that could be used as part of a television advert.



Leigh Fire Service

We had some special visitors as part of our 'Fire! Fire!' topic. Leigh Fire Service came to talk about life as a fireman. We learnt about their uniforms and the fire engine. We even got to squirt the big hose pipe at the teachers cars!



Blackpool Zoo

As part of our Fur, Feathers and Fins topic we went to Blackpool Zoo. Click on the gallery below to have a look at some of our photographs.