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Year 2

Friday 10th July

Welcome to Base 2 blog.

This has been a very busy week. 

In maths we have been learning all about time.  The children can now tell the time to the quarter to, quarter past and 5 minute intervals.  All week we have had the children telling us what time it is every 5 minutes. They have really loved doing it.   They have also been ordering time from earliest to latest, which can be quite tricky.

In book led literacy we have been learning poems off by heart and creating actions to help us to remember it. Next week we shall be creating our own poems using grammar to help us.  In Science we have been sorting different materials, looking at their properties and why certain materials are suitable for their purpose.  Next week we are going to be deciding which is the best material to fix a hole in a bucket.  I have used the song 'There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza' to inspire our investigation.  I am particularly looking forward to actually testing if their suggestions and ideas have worked. It will involve water and umbrellas!!  In History we have been finding out about the past at the seaside by watching and observing a selection of clips called 'Magic Grandad'.  The children had to watch, observe and write into a table all of the things that they noticed on a particular theme (e.g. transport, food, activites etc)  We compared nowadays, 50 years ago and 100 years ago.  The children found it fascinating, especially the bathing machines at the beach 100 years ago.

On Tuesday afternoon Base 2 were able to watch the dress rehearsal of Key Stage 2's performance of Cinderella.  All of the children thought that it was fabulous.  They particularly enjoyed the part where Mrs. Davies ran onto the stage to play the part of someone trying on the glass slipper.  However, it did not fit.  Never mind Mrs. Davies, you will just have to go to a shoe shop.  Everyone had a wonderful time during transition morning on Friday.  We were joined by two new children who will be entering the class as year 3's after Summer.  All of the children in base 2 made them feel very welcome. They are a very caring and kind class. On Friday afternoon the children went to the baths for a playtime session.  The children loved playing on all of the floats.  It was great to watch them having so much fun.

Well done to the children who achieved high marks in their spelling tests.  Dojo points to all of you.

As it was transition morning today, we shall be announcing the Dojo Master on Monday.

We hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Mrs. Higson and Base Two

Year 2

Friday 26th June 2015

Welcome to Base 2's blog

What a fab week we have had. 

Pupil of the week was:  Matthew - he is a great role model to the rest of the class.  He always gives 100% in everything that he does

Our certificates this week have been awarded to :

Achievement - Alex - for thinking of some brilliant adjectives in book led literacy.

Attainment - Matthew - for completing a poem about the seaside.

Attitude - Olivia - for always working really hard and giving of her best at all times.

The Dojo Master this week is Ava. Well done Ava.  Since we started the Dojo Master award a girl has always won the award.  Come on boys!!

In themed topic we have been looking at lots of seaside objects and creating information labels about them.  In Science we have been looking at different types of materials and describing their properties.  In book led literacy we have been sharing lots of different poems about the seaside and talking about which ones we like the best and why.  Most of the children thought that a poem about a Granny floating off to sea was the funniest.   As part of our British Values curriculum, Base 2 learned more about the Magna Carta. We learned that Magna Carta means 'Great Charter' and that it was an important set of rules that everyone had to follow - even King John.  Next week we will be writing our own modern day  'Magna Carta' for Base 2, thinking about what is important now in modern Britain.   In Maths this week we have been learning about fractions.  We were counting in 1/2's,1/4's and 3/4 in a circle.  We got to 25. Millie and Calum did particularly well. Please see our fraction circle photographs.

We then started to find fractions of amounts.  Everyone did brilliantly.  On Friday Mrs. Higson set all of the children a challenge.  If they could halve the ingredient amounts to make a cornflake cake  then we would make some to take home.  They not only found halves. but also 1/4, 3/4 and 1/3. Brilliant.

Well done to the children who achieved high marks in their spelling tests.  Dojo points to all of you.

On Wednesday we had an amazing  Sports Day.  Everyone joined in with their team members and cheered all of the competitors on.  Please see the photographs that we took.

We hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Mrs. Higson and Base Two

Year 2

Friday 19th June 2015

Welcome to Base 2's blog

We have had a brilliant week in Base 2.

Pupil of the week was :   Lucy - She loves asking questions and is very interested in all of our activities.

Our certificate this week have been awarded to :

Achievement - Logan - for trying his best with his writing.

Attitude - Calum - for trying really hard and giving his best at all times.

Attainment - Lewis - for having beautiful handwriting and trying really hard with spelling his words.

In themed topic we have been looking at what people can do at the beach and the different things that can be seen there.  We are going to be  using what we found out to write poems about the seaside.

We have been making pretend ice creams for our roleplay area. Sam was brilliant at rolling the cones. I just hope they don't mistake them for real ones and try to eat them.   

All of the children had a fabulous time when the Wigan Warriors team came.  We were practising the skills of throwing rugby balls.  We used an obstacle course and practised the long jump.    In IT we have been learning about coding - how things work by following instructions.  We were instructing a computer program to make objects on the screen move and deciding which direction they moved in and the order in which they moved. 

Dojo Masters - we have decided to change the dojo master to Dojo Master of the week, so that the points accumulate over the week. 

We hope that the weather improves for our Sports Day on Wednesday.

All of the children are looking forward to the Summer Fayre on Saturday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Higson and Base 2

Year 2

Friday 12th June 2015

Welcome to Base 2's blog. 

We have been doing lots of writing this week related to night-time animals and a character description. 

Pupil of the Week was :  Ruth - She is a brilliant role model to other children in the class and always tries her best.

Our certificates this week have been awarded to:

Attainment :    Calum - for scoring really highly on one of his tests.

Attitude :          Willow - always having a great attitude to her work.

Achievement:  Ruth - for scoring really highly on one of her tests.

In spellings this week we had some children who achieved 100% in their spelling test. Well done - brilliant work. Keep practising.

Eva, Willow, Olivia, Millie, Alicia, Callum, Amelia, Gaea.

The weather has been really warm this week so we were able to practise for our Sports Day. Everyone enjoyed being outdoors and running lots of races. 

We have started a new 'Dojo Master' of the day award.  Each day the child who has the most dojo points becomes our Dojo Master and wears the Dojo Master 'crown'.  Their photograph is pride of place on the wall with a crown on top.  The children love it. 

Our Dojo Masters this week were:

Lucy, Alicia, Gaea.

We have started our 'Buckets and Spades' topic and have started to make some things for our roleplay area.  We made our own 'windmills' to sell in our 'Seaside Shop'. We shall also be making some pretend ice cream and rock.

We are looking forward to the Wigan Warriors Sports Day next Tuesday where we will be learning lots of new skills.

Have a great weekend -  Mrs. Higson and Base Two.






Friday 5th June 2015


Welcome back after the half term.  I hope everyone had a lovely break.   Mrs. Higson is back in Base and has enjoyed being back and  working with the children this week.

We have had a very busy week  as we have been doing our SATS tests.   All of the children have tried their very best in their Reading and Maths tests.  I am very proud of them.

During the week we have been using the ipads to improve our phonics and maths and have been using google earth to find our own houses and streets.   On Wednesday we had a pupil from another school visiting our class and she spent the day with us.  She joined in all of the activities in class and enjoyed herself.

Lewis has been practising very hard to perfect his 'Thriller' dance and he loved performing this to the class and to some of the other adults in school.  He was very proud of his fabulous dance moves.

 We have been making some brilliant patterns in maths with the peg boards, when we were having little breaks from our tests.

On Friday Music Alive came to school and they showed us a variety of different instruments and different ways of playing them.   They performed some brilliant pieces and even Mrs. Higson's favourite 'Frozen'. 

In spellings this week we had some children who achieved 100% in their spelling test. Well done - brilliant work.

Matthew D




We also had seven other children who achieved 9 out of 10, so well done to those children also and keep practising.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Hopefully we shall have lots of sunshine.


Mrs. Higson and Base 2.

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2




Friday 6th March 2015

What a fantastic week we have had.  It has been very busy but very enjoyable.

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division and have looked at number patterns of 2's, 5's and 10's.  We have also been noticing and showing multiplication as arrays. Today we have been learning about division as grouping and even finding remainders.  All of the children have worked really hard and are more confident with these concepts now.   Millie said that she loved doing division. In book led literacy we have been researching some information about some other explorers, including Steve Fossett and famous balloonist. We will be completing our own book next week about these interesting people.  In Science we planted our own sunflower seeds so that we can complete a diary about how  the seed germinates and grows over the next few weeks.  In the Summer term the children will be bringing home their plants so that they can be planted in their gardens or in pots. They are called Giant Russian Sunflowers.  Our Farm Shop is coming along nicely and the children have been making some of the fruit and vegetables that they will be selling in the shop.  The children will be able to use it next week.  We have begun to learn a little more about Easter as part of our R.E.  We found out more about the different ways in which we celebrate Easter and what some of the things we do really mean.  We have been using some difficult conjunctions to join up our sentences in grammar and everyone worked well together to try to work out the correct answers.

Mrs. Higson took four children (2 from year 2 (Ava and Gaea) and 2 from year 4 (Daniel and Isobelle) to an inter school challenge as part of World Book Day.  We were competing against 10 other schools.  Our school won the reading comprehension competition and the children received certificates. I am not sure who was more excited, the children or Mrs. Higson. (I kep chanting 'We've Won' over and over again.  Please have a look at the photograph that  attached to this blog and also the photographs on our school website.   I was very proud of the children and they represented us brilliantly.

Talking of World Book Day - All of the children dressed up and looked brilliant.  Amelia won the best costume in Base 2.  William was a brilliant Batman and Callum played the part of an Umpa Lumpa really well.  Please have a look at the photographs of the children in their costumes.

Congratulations to all of the children who achieved in our  Going For Gold Assembly this week.

Pupil of week :  Mason - well done!

Achievement certificate: Alexie Owen

Attainment certificate:  Oliver Faulkner

Attitude certificate:  Matthew Hodgson

Have a lovely weekend - the weather is supposed to be kind.

Mrs. Higson and Base Two


Friday 27th February 2015

I hope you all had a lovely half term.  We have had a great start to the new half term.

In Maths this week we have been learning about adding and subtracting using money. We have been learning different strategies to help us to quickly add and subtract 2 digit numbers.  We have also been finding change.  This has included £ and p. At the end of the week we were solving word problems in the context of money.  In book led literacy we have begun to look at the features of non-chronological reports and information texts.  As we now have expert knowledge about explorers and exploring, we have been asked to create a non-fiction book so that other children can read it and find out lots of interesting facts about exploration.  We talked about what we already know and then decided on some questions about explorers that we would still like to find out.  Our new topic is 'The Farm Shop' and as part of this topic we will be finding out all about plants.  In science and art we looked at lots of different fruit. We named them  and looked at the similarities and differences between the seeds that different fruit have.  The children found it very interesting that a strawberry has it's seeds on the outside.  We then looked at the work of some famous artists to see how they drew and painted fruit and vegetables.    We looked at Cezanne 'Apples' and also Renoir 'Onions'.  We looked carefully at the shapes and patterns that could be seen on the paintings.  We then used hand held magnifying glasses to look at a variety of fruit on our tables and we cut them in half to look at the cross sections.  This allowed us to see all of the fantastic patterns inside the fruit.  We then created close observational drawings of the fruit.   We also used clay to create 3d models of different fruit and vegetables to sell in our class 'farm shop'.   The children took their last opportunity to play in the Space Station and the aliens overran the spaceship. (please see the photographs above)

Congratulations to all of the children who achieved in our Going For Gold assembly this week.

The Pupil of the week this week was:  Lewis -  well done!

The achievement award went to - Millie

The attitude award went to - William

The attainment award went to  - Logan

Next week I shall be taking some children from Base 2 to an inter school challenge morning, where they will be undertaking a reading quiz and a creative writing activity.  We wish them the best of luck in the competition.

A quick reminder that class spelling books need to be returned by Thursday at the latest so that the children can be tested and then their new spellings can  be put into their books.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Higson and Base 2.


Base 2

Welcome to Base Two

Friday 30th January 2015

What another  great week we have had. 

In Maths this week we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes. We looked at regular and irregular shapes and the features of these shapes.  In book led literacy we have read another book by the same authors 'Aliens in Underpants Save the World'.  We have been comparing the two books looking for similarities and differences between the two books and the similar features that the author uses in both books  We are going to 'magpie' some of Claire Freedman and Ben Cort's ideas to write our own stories about aliens in underpants.    In History   we have been learning more about Neil Armstrong. We have been looking at his life and what his achievements were.  We have looked at the different food that Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong would have taken on their different exploration adventures and the difficulties they would have had storing the food that they had.  We watched some video footage of how astronauts eat in space with zero gravity.  It is very interesting but also a little strange.(please see some of the photographs of the children in the roleplay area)

In Geography we have been parachuting into Sydney, Australia to find out more about this contrasting non-European country.(please see attached photographs)  We used a brilliant web program called 'passport' to find out lots of information about this fascinating country.  The children were interested in 'Australia Day' this week.  Mrs. Higson noticed the beautiful sunny weather and thought of a t.v. programme from the past called 'Wish you were here'!  We played a brilliant game called 'globe tossing' where a globe was tossed around the children and they had to catch and then locate a place, continent, ocean or feature and call it out.  Everyone had great fun and enjoyed the activity.  Callum found North America and Oliver found the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Congratulations to all of the children who achieved in our Going For Gold Assembly this week:

The Pupil of the week this week was Millie.  Well done.

Everyone enjoyed the KS1 story club this week. I have promised that as it is storytelling week next week, I shall tell the children a few stories which they can add to also.  It should be very interesting.

We said a sad farewell to Miss Mansfield on Thursday as she returns to the other school that she is training at.  She is however, going to return to visit and attend some of our upcoming events that take place in school over the next few months.

We are all looking forward to the Science Dome coming into school next week to find out more about space, the Apollo moon landing and the Universe.

Have a lovely weekend.

Base Two


Base 2

Welcome to Base Two

Spring Overview - Click Here


Friday 23rd January 2015

What a brilliant week we have had.  All of the children have worked really hard and I am very proud of them.

In Maths this week we have been learning about mass.  We have looked at reading scales looking at the measurements of grams and kilograms.  We weighed some items and could change grams into kilograms and grams.  Callum and Oliver were maths magicians as they were converting grams to kilograms really well.  We also did some more work on rounding numbers to the nearest 10.  We used Charlie Crocodile to help us.  In book led literacy we have been looking more closely at the story of 'Aliens love Underpants'.  We were identifying interesting and exciting words that could be found in the book and then thinking of different sentence that these words could be used in.    In History we have been imagining how Christopher Columbus must have been feeling the first time he stepped onto his brand new ship the Santa Maria. Ava thought that he would be a little worried.  Liberty thought that he would be very excited.  We also started to learn about another famous explorer Neil Armstrong.  We watched an extract from 1969 of the Apollo 11 launch.  It was very exciting to watch, but then  we were all a little worried as mission control kept reminding the three astronauts that they were short of fuel as they came in to land on the moon.   They almost landed in an enormous crater but at the last minute managed to steer the spaceship to somewhere safer.  (Please google it for some excitement that really happened) In Science we were looking at how we could make some healthy and sensible choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how these would help us keep strong and fit.

As  all of the children achieved theiir Bronze Awards in Base Two this week, they decided that they would like to play parachute games in the hall and have extra time with the P.E. equipment.  This was a healthy choice. Thank goodness they did not choose to have an ice cream and pizza party! 

Congratulations to all of the children who achieved in our Going For Gold Assembly this week:

The Pupil of the week this week was Alicia.  Well done.

The attainment award went to Ruth

The attitude award went to Olivia

The achievement award went to Gaea

Everyone enjoyed the KS1 story club this week. I have promised even more exciting stories for next week.... and they want even more hot chocolate, whippy cream and marshmallows.

Have a lovely weekend.

Base Two

 P.s. - I am sorry but I have managed to delete last week's blog by accident.



Friday 9th January 2015

Happy New Year to you all!

The children have enjoyed returning to school on Tuesday.  They could not wait to tell each other about all of the presents that they received from you know who.

This week we have a graduate teacher, Miss Mansfield, in class for four weeks.  She has come to us from another school to see how fantastic the Year 2 children are and to observe Mrs. Higson teaching.  The children have all made her feel very welcome.

We have started  a new themed topic this week.  It is all about Explorers.  We talked about what an explorer is and what they do and what kinds of equipment, tools and essential they might need when they go exploring distant and unfamiliar places.  We also wrote a short story about  being explorers and going on an adventure. We described where we went, how we got there and all of the exciting things that we would find when we got there.   Sam went to 'outer space.'    The children chose some very interesting places to explore including the desert, the jungle, up a mountain and under the ocean.

In R.E. we have begun to learn about why a church is a special place to Christians.  In Science we were thinking of ways that we can have fun while keeping fit.  We thought of our favourite ways of keeping fit. Lots of children liked trampolining and riding their bike.  In maths we have been learning about doubles and halves and different strategies that we could use to do this. 

Next week we shall be having the Junior Chefs Academy coming into school to work with our class to help us to understand more about  healthy food.  This will help with all of our science work about a balanced diet. 

Have a lovely weekend.

 Mrs. Higson and everyone in Base Two

Base 2

Friday 12th December 2014

We have been finishing off some assessments this week.  The children have worked really hard doing their tests and tasks.  I am very proud of the progress that they have made.  In maths we have been learning about halves and quarters and doubles and halves.  We played a game where we had to copy a partner to create a picture showing 3/4 of a shape.   In R.E. we were learning more about the Christmas Story of when Jesus was born and all of the people who were involved.   We have been making our own Christmas decorations using lots of different materials.

In our Going For Gold Assembly Bradley won the pupil of the week.

Our Christmas performance 'Santa's Lost His Hat' was absolutely brilliant.  The children were all fantastic actors and actresses.  They all loved using the microphones just like pop stars.   All of the children look super in their Christmas jumpers today and the donations are going to a great cause.

Next Friday when the children are swimming, they are going to have a fun session with lots of ,floats, which should be really good. 

We are all looking forward to the Christmas parties next week, where we can have a bop and a dance.

Have a good weekend.

Base 2 and Mrs. Higson x


Base 2

Friday 28th November 2014

This has been another brilliant week.  We had a sad assembly on Tuesday afternoon, when we said goodbye to Mrs. Silcock.  We all wished her well and sang lots of her favourite songs to her.

Talking of singing, our Christmas performance practises are going really well and the children are all learning their parts brilliantly and our songs are really funny.

In science we have been looking at how humans grow from babies into adults and how as we grow we can learn and do lots more things. We particularly enjoyed talking about how we don't need babies bottles or nappies anymore.

In Art, we explored clay and how we could manipulate it to make different shapes  We then created our own 3d figures in the style of Keith Haring.  In computing we have again been looking at e-safety and watched a video clip that helped us to learn how to keep safe when we go online.  In maths we have been learning about the 10x table and the multiples of 10.  We learned how multiplication can be shown as repeated addition and that we can write it as 'lots of' or 'x'.   As we are doing lots of practising of our Christmas performance in the afternoons, we have not had the chance to do much reading this week.  However, the children have been using drama and speaking and listening to good effect.

This week Pupil of the week was Amelia.

Don't forget our 'Decorate the Christmas Tree' Assembly next Monday morning at 9.00 a.m.

Please enjoy some of the photographs of the children exploring with clay and tools.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Higson and everyone in Base 2.


Base 2

Friday 21st November 2014

This has been another great week.   We have been doing lots of practical activities in maths. We have been looking at 2d shapes both regular and irregular and finding out more about their properties.  We made our own right angle finder monsters to search for right angles in 2d shapes.  We have also been finding out which shapes are symmetrical.  We have been sorting shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams.  In art we have created our own drawings of Keith Haring figures and are going to make them into a collage in his style.  In Literacy we have been creating our own playground games and have been writing instructions on how to make bread.   In Science we have been looking at the different food groups that help us to be healthy. We explored how to have a balanced diet.  We added lots of different foods to a food group plate and talked about what the different food does to help us to grow and stay healthy.  We  tasted 4 different fruit juices to find out which one was Base 2's favourite.  We created block graphs to collect the information.  A lot of children liked the Mango juice.   Pineapple was the least favourite.  Mason said it was 'yukky' and pulled a funny face.  We played a Fruit Salad game and used the laptops to play a game where we could sort food into the right food groups.   During anti-bullying week we have been finding out about what a bully is and how we can stop any bullying.  We also  used the ThinkUKnow website to explore how we should behave nicely  when we are on the internet.

Pupil of the Week:  Olivia

Attainment Certificate: Lucy

Achievement Certificate: Lewis

Attitude Certificate: Chelsey


I wanted to put some pictures of our brilliant activities onto the webpage but technology has beaten me this week.  I will put them on next week.

Have a great weekend.  Although the weather forecast does not sound very good.

Mrs. Higson and everyone in Base Two.



Autumn Term 2 Overview - Click here  


Base 2

Friday 14th November 2014

We have had a fabulous week and a busy one.

On Monday we went on our trip to Tesco Extra to visit the Farm to Fork project.  The children loved putting their food hygiene hats on and walking around Tesco with clipboards.  They felt very important. We tasted lots of different food including  a variety of cheeses and  donuts.    We found out how bread was made and where different fish come from.

On Monday afternoon Mrs. Higson organised a whole school assembly where we signed up for a  live stream from the National School Assembly at the Tower of London.  It was very moving to see the 'sea' of red poppies in the moat.   In Art we have been learning how to improve our observational drawings of figurines inspired by the work of Keith Haring, who is the chief illustrator for the Change For Life initiative.  

In maths we have been learning about finding a difference by counting on and solving subtraction by counting on.  We have been creating tally charts, pictograms and block graphs about our favourite pets and our favourite fruit and vegetables.   In computing we have been learning about e-safety and what personal information we should give when we are on the internet.     In science we have been looking at the needs of animals and what animals and humans need to survive.  We have looked at the features of information books and used them to find out more about how to look after pets and farm animals.  Logan found lots of features in his book about Welsh Corgis.  In SEALS we have been learning about what makes a good friend.

Next week we shall be inviting the school cook into Base 2 so that we can ask her some questions about how she makes our healthy school meals

Please have a look at our photographs of our trip.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Higson and all of Base Two

Base 2

Welcome to Base 2

Friday 7th November 2014

We have had a great start to the new half term in Base 2

This week we have begun our new topic 'Fighting Fit'.  We were looking at the  basic needs of animals and looked at  what pets need and how we could care for them.

In Art we were experimenting with mark making with a selection of tools - e.g. charcoal, graphite, chalk etc.

In maths we have been learning about adding more than 2 numbers together and ways to help us when we are  adding 2 digit numbers using adding the tens and then adding the units. We have been doing more practising of our times tables and we are getting very good at them.

In literacy we have begun to learn what instructions look like and the different kind of language that they have in them.  We have used this knowledge to follow instructions to play some playground games.  We also read and followed instructions to make some friendship bracelets to give to our friends. We will be starting to write our own instructions about a new playground game during next week. 

In music we have been exploring instruments that we can strike, scrape and tap to make our own sounds and rhythms.   We were very lucky to have the 'Pop Project' come into school.  The children learned all about music and books through the last 50 decades.  The children got very excited and had a great time singing along and dancing to the 'old' songs.   In R.E. we have begun to look at the Christmas story and Advent and the meaning of advent calendars.

All of the children have read brilliantly this week.  Everyone is progressing so well.   Ava and Ruth have been supersonic top banana readers.

On Monday morning we shall be going on our trip to Tesco Extra to take part in the 'Farm to Fork' project.  I am sure that the children will have a great time going behind the scenes and tasting some of the lovely food that Tesco make on site.  Please make sure that your child comes to school nice and early.

Please enjoy some of the photographs of us reading and following instructions on how to play hopscotch and making friendship bracelets.

See you all next week.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Higson and all of Base Two.



Friday 17th October 2014

We have had another great week in Base Two.

In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction.  We have been finding addition facts and using these to find the matching subtraction facts. We have worked out that addition can be done in any order.  We have been using pairs that total 10 to find the next multiple of ten using numbers up to 100. We are well on our way with learning our 2 x tables and we are really enjoying singing along with 'Percy Parker', who helps to make learning our times tables fun and exciting.  Willow spotted that the pair that totals 10 - 5 + 5 was also a double.

We went on our local walk on Tuesday. The walk was to enhance the children's geographical skills and to help the children to use maps both paper copies and digital maps. This was very good as the children noticed many things about our neighbourhood.   Along the way we saw some of the children's homes: Millie's, Ava's, Bradley's and Logan's.  We visited the local playground to see what we liked about it and what we could add to make it even better.  We are going to use the photographs that we have taken to create our own digital map of our local area and drop onto the screen our own additions. 

Super readers this week included Callum, Sam and Millie.  In History we looked at items that could have been found in our own homes a long time ago.  Matthew spotted that an oil lamp had no wires so it could not have used electricity.  

We have a very busy week next week including Parent Mentor Meetings and an Oliver Twist performance by M + M Productions.  We have a lot to look forward to.

Have a great weekend.

Base Two



Friday 10th October 2014

We have had a  brilliant week in Base Two.

In maths we have been learning all about measuring lengths.  We learned about standard measurements and have been measuring in centimetres and metres.   We enjoyed measuring each other to see how tall we were.  We drew around our feet to compare feet sizes.  We have been learning our 2x, 10x and 5x tables and have been singing special songs to help us to learn them.  Calum loved waving his arms in the air with'Percy.'   Liberty was really doing well with her 2x times tables.

In History we posted our letters with interesting questions to our 'interesting person from the past'.  We posted them in a special time machine post box.  The children are so excited to see what happens next.

In Art we drew pictures of the places where we like to play and have fun.  These were then used to make 'quick print' pictures using printing blocks and printing rollers.  We will put them up on a display in the classroom in the next few days.

The children who received awards in our Going For Gold Assembly were:

Pupil of the Week:  Ava - for always getting on with her activities and completing her work on time.

Attainment certificate:  Lewis - for creating some fabulous sentences in R.W.I.

Attitude Certificate :  Millie - for always trying her best and getting on with her work sensibly.

Achievement Certificate:  Olivia - for writing brilliant questions to an 'interesting person from the past'

We shall be going on our local walk on Tuesday. We hope the weather will be kind to us.  Could you please make sure that your child has a coat and sensible shoes as we will be doing quite a lot of walking.

See you all next week.

Mrs. Higson and all of Base Two



Friday 3rd October 2014

We have had another good week in Base Two. 

In maths this week we have been learning about lots of different things. We have been  exploring rounding numbers to the nearest 10 as part of estimating.  Many of the children thought that this was really good. The boys and girls looked at  2d shapes and decided to show the properties of some 2d shapes with their bodies.  We were partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and units to show what a number 'means', this included some children  completing number sentences with missing numbers.  Callum said that he loved partitioning numbers.  Alexie said that she did not want the session to end. She is turning into a little maths wizard. We have been been creating our own story maps this week in book led literacy.  We have changed the setting to our local area and have changed the characters to people that we know.  Gaea's story map was all about her Nan, Heather, Amelia, Lucy and her dog Bella.  She told her 'new' story really well.

In our themed work we have been using digimaps to find where the children in Base Two live.  The children were very excited that they could find and see their houses and gardens on the large scale map. We talked about odd and even numbers and made our own 'Lowton Street' on the playground and ordered our house numbers from smallest to largest with odd numbers on one side of the street and even numbers on the other side. 

We talked about the houses that we live in  and thought about some questions that we would like to ask an 'interesting person from the past' that could have lived in our house a long time ago. We wrote our addresses on an envelope and then  wrote some questions that we would like to find the answer to and then posted our letters into a special time machine post box so that it could be posted.  Hopefully, if we are lucky,  we will get some replies to answer some of our interesting questions.  The most popular question was 'Did you have a toilet in the house?'

The children who received awards in our Our Going For Gold Assembly were:

Pupil of the week:  Logan .

Attainment certificate :  Alexie

Attitude certificate :        Bradley

Just a couple of reminders:  Homework is given out on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Thursday.   If you could read with your child at home, this would be much appreciated.

A letter is going out tonight to inform you of the local walk that we are going on.  Could you please sign and return as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Higson and everyone in Base Two.






Friday 26th September 2014

What an exciting time we have had in Base Two this week.    On Monday afternoon we went into the Life Caravan, where we met Harold the Giraffe.  We found out all about what is inside our bodies.   We also helped Harold to sort out some problems  that he was having with his friends and helped him feel better and  to work out who he could speak to about his feelings.  In maths we have been learning about ordering and positioning numbers on a number line.  We used an espresso challenge game, where we had to beat a rocket launch.  The work that we have been doing on tens and units helped us to work out where the numbers should go.   We are counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to begin learning our times tables.  The children particularly like a game called 'Moon Maths' where we bop aliens on the head.   In book led literacy we have been using the Shirley Hughes book called Alfie Gets In First to explore character's feelings and we have retold and sequenced the story thinking about the beginning (introduction), middle (the problem), and the end (how the problem is solved).  We shall use this type of story plan to ŵrite our own  similar stories.   The children have enjoyed using the mood tree, where they can show how they are feeling.  This has linked in very well with our work on feelings in the Life Caravan.  During the week Base Two received a letter from Harold the Giraffe thanking us for helping him to sort out his problems.  We e-mailed Harold saying how much  we had enjoyed our session with him and how we were looking forward to his return.  In art we have been using charcoal and printing techniques.  Everyone got dirty hands - they loved it. 

The children are becoming much more confident at the Swimming Baths and we have some 'water babies' who do not want to get out at the end of our sessions. 

 In the next week or so we shall be going on a field trip into the local area to look at buildings, street furniture, and the play parks that we use.  We are going to create a giant map of the local area and  design 3d model of  a play park that they would like to use.  A letter will be sent out next week for permission to take the children on this local walk.

Next week will be another busy week.

We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.  The weather is expected to be 'kind'

Base 2.


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