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Year 4

Welcome To The Base 4 Weekly Blog! Written by Mr Woodford and all of B4!

Friday 3rd July 2015

Friday 11th June 2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4! 

Congratulations to this weeks star of the week - Jamie. Jamie has been working incredibly hard during school this week, focussing on his tasks and producing some wonderful work. Well done Jamie, keep it up!


We have had a really enjoyable week this week with the highlight definitely being our trip to Chester Zoo! The day went really well (thankfully) and we managed to see all of the animal we wanted to, without losing anybody or having any disasterous incidents! The sun was shining and this made our day extremely pleasant - although most of the class were then dozing on the coach due to being completley exhausted!


Check out the picture gallery below to see what we all got up to!

Friday 15th May 2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4! 


'Splishing and sploshing,

Water, it is everywhere,

Spirting and splashing' - Year 4 Haiku



As you can see above, we have been working on our poetry skills this week. The above poem is a Japanese Haiku, created by one of the children in base 4.We have really enjoyed learning about syllables and poetry this week - some of the poems we have made have been wonderful!


Congratulations to this weeks star of the week - Ellie!

Ellie has earned her 2nd 'Star of the Week' award because she showed grit, determination and persistence last week. She applied herself to the best of her ability and gave 110% effort in everything that she did. Well done Ellie.


As you know, we had a bit of trouble on Tuesday (the less said the better) and we managed to get an afternoon off of school! This did not phase us abit and on Wednesday we came back in refreshed and ready to learn even more! We have been exporing 'States of Matter', learning how matter behaves in Solids, Liquids and Gases, and we have learned how states of matter can change by melting, evaporating, freezing and condensing.


Our science work continued today with the Workshop run by Sellafield Ltd. This workshop consisted of us learning about forces - mainly magnetism and friction. This was a hands on activity which the children and I really enjoyed. See the gallery of pictures below to check out what we have been doing!


Have a great weekend,


Base 4





Friday 1st May 2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4!

This week we have been beginning to explore Espresso Coding - a new computing tool that we have subscribed to as a school, which allows us to create our very own apps and games!

Click the Link above to check Lily's school animation - click the people and see what happens.

Watch this space! As we learn more skills, our animations and games will become more and more advanced, we will post them on here for you to try out!


Congratulations to Katie who is this weeks star of the week. Katie has earned this award because since joining our school, she has grown in confidence and become a really active member within our classroom. She consistently has lovely manners, tries her very best, and has a great attitude to learning. Keep it up Katie!


This week we have been exploring solids, liquids and gases within our topic lessons. This saw us create an investigation to test the 'runniness' of different liquids. We discovered that ALL liquids do run - but what is different about them is the rate at which they run! Some look like they are not moving at all because they are that slow, others look extremely runny - just like water!


Letters have been issued this week for our class trip to Chester Zoo on 10th June. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to have a hands on learning experience, exploring the habitats of different animals. I am going for a visit on Monday to explore, to find out where the toilets, eating areas, and most importantly, all of the animals are! If you need a new letter regarding this trip, it is available on this website under the newsletters page!


Have a great bank holiday weekend,


See you all on Tuesday!


Mr Woodford


Sunday 26th April 2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4!

Firstly, many apologies about the lateness of this weeks blog, it is usually done on a Friday, but we had a school rugby match this week, which stopped me from being able to type it up! On a plus note, Matthew in our Base took part in this match (against an undefeated St Josephs) and performed amazingly well! He even managed to get himself a try in a hard match which we unfortunately lost! Hopefully on Tuesday we will get a win!


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Class Dojo parent link - this is a great little tool that the kids love, and allows us to have even better communication. Feel free to message me and I will make sure I get back to you as soon as possible during school hours! If you need a new parent log-in code as yours has been lost, feel free to come in and I will give you your own personal link code.


This week we have been beginning our new Water, Water topic by performing a very hands on science investigation. We mixed cornflour and water together to form a substance which is very unique because it behaves like a liquid and a solid! We used this as the starting point of our investigation into solids, liquids and gases and will be continuing to explore this science topic next week! You can perform this investigation at home if you like, however be warned, we found it to be extremely messy - you may want to do it outside or on floor that can be wiped down. I know I'll be doing that next time anyway!


This first week back has seen us very busy and learning lots and lots. We have been exploring decimals in Maths, understanding what they are and even ordering numbers with 2 decimal places! In English we have began to engage with a story called 'The Mousehole Cat' which is a lovely story about a Cat living in the Cornish town of Mowzel. Some of us have even been able to use a text map to retell this story to others without reading the book!


I hope that you have had a great weekend and are ready for lots more learning next week!


See you tomorrow,


Mr Woodford


Friday 27th March  2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4!

Congratulations to this week's 'Star of the Week' Lily! Lily thoroughly deserves this award, as she consistently works hard, applies herself, contributes to lessons and has a positive attitude towards learning. Well done!


This week has been very tiresome for us all, as we have had to get our termly assessments done and dusted, ready for Easter! We really, really focussed on these and showed off all that we had learned (some even enjoyed the peace and quiet that came with it) so well done for that Base 4.

These assessments are a necessity and need to be done eventually, so we tried to keep this week interesting and hands on, by including some creative and arty activities and tasks. As you can see from the gallery above, we have been doing sewing and textile work - creating Passport Holders out of felt that link in with our Topic work.

Can I say a big thank you to Natalie's grandma, Mrs Bolton and Mrs Higson who gave up one of their afternoons to help us with this extremely difficult task! We discovered that sewing is a skill which requires hard work, patience, repetition and practise! I will be the first to hold my hand up and say that Base 4 have outdone themselves and are already FAR better than me!

Please remember that next Monday and Tuesday evening are parent's evenings. I look forward to seeing you then and letting you know just how well we have been getting on!


Have yourself an excellent weekend,


From Mr Woodford and Base 4!


Friday 20th February 2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4!

Congratulations to Caitlin who is this week's star of the week! Caitlin has made a huge impression in this first few weeks as she is always hard working, listening and never fails to have a smile on her face during school - keep it up!

As you can see from the pictures above, we took advantage of the solar eclipse and went outside to see what all the fuss was about! We learned a great deal from this experience, such as how eclipse happens, how the moon orbits the earth whilst the earth orbits the sun, and how the moon blocking the sun's rays causes a partial or total eclipse! Mrs Owen created some pinhole viewers for us which made viewing the eclipse completely safe, so thank you for that!


On Monday we took part in the Let's Sing 2015 event at Robin Park in Wigan. It was a massive success, it sounded great, and we all had a brilliant time taking part (even me! As I have been informed that my face looks unhappy when concentrating!). Thank you very much to Mrs Reid and Mrs Davies who helped us learning the songs and put an enormous amount of effort into helping us practise and improve.

On Wednesday we were exhausted as we started a P.E topic that many thought would be boring - Athletics! We discovered that it means more than just running in a straight line, and tired ourselves out playing a variety of games and exploring the ways in which we travel and move around.


We are very excited about our next D&T project, which sees us creating a product in a very different way to our steady hand games at the beginning of the year. This time we are using textiles, fabric and sewing to create our very own useful passport holders! This week we have been exploring sewing, trying to tie cotton/thread to needles and begin a sewing pattern. So far it has been a huge success with lots of us successfully stitching together two pieces of felt. Next week, we will be starting to use our learned skills to create the final product. 

During the D&T project some of us found out that it can be frustrating not being able to do something when we are normally quite confident in other subjects. We learned that people have different strengths and weaknesses, so if something seems at hard at first, we need to keep going in order to get there! This has been a great and positive message to leave the week on, so just remember -

"The greatest failure is the failure to try" - William Ward.


Have an excellent weekend,


Base 4 x






Friday 13th February 2015

Welcome to this week's blog entry from Base 4!


This week, we have all welcomed in two new faces - Caitlin and Katie. They have both settled into our class extremely well and had a fantastic week. Our girls are also pretty impressed that their numbers are finally on the up!

This morning, we all watched Mrs Foy's base perform their Mother's Day assembly, which was absolutely loved it. We all enjoyed watching the children perform and we must say a big, "Well done!" because they were all fantastic! Today we have also been getting creative, making our very own little creations for Mother's Day, which the children will be taking home today. We hope you like them!


In the assembly today, we also performed two of the songs that our class have been practising for the 'Let's Sing' performance. We have been working extremely hard and did really well! Can I just remind you that we will be going to 'Let's Sing' at Robin Park at lunch time on Monday, so all the children attending will need collecting from the event at 6.30pm. There will be a message about this on the school newsletter.


In our topic this week we have been learning all about rivers! At first we thought they were just streams of water, but by the time we had finished we knew that they were much more than that! We have followed the journey of a river from its source, right down to its mouth where it meets the sea. Along the way we have picked up all sorts of key vocabulary, such as; meander, spring, groundwater, river bank, reservoir, settlement, ox-bow lake and more!


We hope you have a great weekend and that you all have a lovely Mother's Day!


Base 4 x

Friday 6th February 2015

Well I have to start this weeks blog with a massive congratulations to ourselves once again! Our attendance has been exceptional this year anyway, however today we won the 'First In Day' competition by getting all 19 of us in before quarter to 9 and the registers off to the office! We actually managed this with 5 minutes to spare, so well done Base 4, showing the rest of the school just how easy it is! As a result, we will have a golden time afternoon next week where we will have a chance to go outside, play some games and activities, and enjoy some fresh air together! Well done.


This week saw us celebrating World Book Day (see picture above) and we truly did it in style! Some of our costumes were extremely creative, ranging from Peter Pan to princesses, monsters and other famous book characters. An extra merit must be mentioned for Ellie's effort, which was completely home made (although it did look like it had been bought!). The dinner ladies commented upon how ingenious the outfit was, because even the hair was homemade using wool and an old shower cap!


In between all of these exciting activities, we have also been getting on with our work as usual! In our topic lessons we have been exploring the globe - focussing mainly on Europe. We now know what a continent is, what our continent is, and have developed our map reading skills considerably! We can now use different maps to find key features of different countries, such as rivers, cities, mountains, forests, airports and ports! We have really enjoyed doing these map reading activities and next week we will continue to explore Germany as our focus country!


In Maths we have been learning to use a short method of division - the bus stop method! We found out that we call it this because it looks like your are beginning to draw a bus stop. Although we found it difficult at first, by the time we finished, almost all of us could divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number (even when there was a remainder!).

In English we have been looking at adventure stories - focussing on Gulliver's Travels. We have used this exciting and interesting book to help us create our own adventures, sentences and learn new writing skills.

We had a visit from Mr Hughes, who is one of the organisers and teachers from the Lets Sing event. He was incredibly impressed with Base 3 and 4's singing and how well we had learned our song lyrics and commented upon how much time we must have been putting in. I have to say, I am extremely excited for the event, and look forward to seeing our 2 bases doing our school proud and showing everybody just how fantastic they are!


It has been another incredibly busy week, but we sailed through it as usual. We look forward to welcoming two new members to our every growing class on Monday - Katie and Caitlin. I am sure we will all go out of our way to make them feel incredibly welcome and happy.


Enjoy your weekend,


Base 4 x


Friday 27th February 2015

I can't believe that we are already in the last half-term before Easter now, 2015 is absolutely flying by in no time at all! This could possibly be due to how busy we have been keeping ourselves here in Base 4!


Unfortunately, I was unwell this week and had to miss two days of work, but the feedback given to me when I got back was amazing! Base 4 really have done themselves proud for getting on, working so hard, and making sure that fantastic comments were passed onto me when I got back. Well done everyone!


This week we have begun to explore our new topic which is called 'A Passport to Europe'. Our topic will involve exploring and learning about Europe, focussing on a particular part to explore in detail. As a class, we have decided to focus on Germany, so over the coming weeks we will no doubt be becoming exports on Germany! We have looked at what continents are and learned about our own continent, labelling the different European countries we can find, and also learning about the European Union.


You may have heard us practising towards the end of the day already, but Base 4 and Base 3 have really been working hard to practise and learn all of the songs that we need to know for the Lets Sing event in a few weeks time! As well as having to sing the songs, we all need to know the timings, the different voices and parts, the actions and the lyrics off by heart! This is obviously a lot to learn, but we are really focussing and giving it all of our effort, so it's sounding great and we are nearly there!

Don't forget, if you want a second ticket for the Lets Sing event, they are going to be given out on a first come, first serve basis from Monday morning, so don't miss out!


Have a great weekend,


Base 4 x

Friday 6th February 2015

Before we start, I would like to welcome Jamie to our growing class! He has joined us today and has wasted no time in getting to know the other children in our class, contributing to discussions, and getting stuck into all of the hard work we have been doing!

I would like to congratulate the following children for their achievements this week:

Achievement Award - Harvey, for his mature are confident attitude whilst away in the Lake District


Attitude Award - Natalie, for her excellent and thoroughly entertaining story!


Well done both of you!

We have had an excellent week as a class - learning lots of new things in English and Maths, as well as continuing to develop our topic understanding!

In maths we have been exploring shape and space, learning about area, perimeter and how to find out what these are when given a shape! We used what he had learned today to explore our school using a map and we found out the area and perimeter of different parts of the playground - seeing just how useful a skill this is!


In our English work we have had great fun this week exploring different advertisements! We have been doing this because we are exploring how to persuade and what makes good persuasive writing - so looking at some advertisements has been a great eye opener, teaching us all of the tricks of the trade!


In P.E. we had great fun this week after getting the apparatus out for our gymnastics! We were exploring how to use the apparatus safely, travelling across it in a variety of ways, as well as using the apparatus as part of a routine involving a balance! Bethany was particularly good at this, managing to include a form of travel, a balance, and a cartwheel within her performance! Well done Bethany!


Next week 10 of us from Base 4 are going to be representing the school at Leigh Sports Village in a tag rugby competition. We have all been practising our rugby skills, so hopefully we will go and have a great time! Check back next week and we will let you know how we got on!

Have a fantastic weekend,


From all of Base 4 x


Friday 23rd January 2015

Well who can believe it? It has been almost an entire month since Christmas, and this month has absolutely flown by! This could possibly be due to how much work we have been getting up to in Base 4!

In our Maths lessons, we have been spending a couple of weeks looking at fractions and it is amazing how far we have come! In the first week, I asked our class to write down everything they knew about fractions - and most of us had a blank sheet of paper as we had no ideas! No if you asked us, we could fill it with all sorts of pictures and facts about fractions! We have covered fractions of shapes (like Pizza and chocolate!), fractions of amounts, equivalent fractions, adding fractions and decimal fractions! It sounds like a lot because it was, but we have really worked hard to ensure that this topic is a breeze now!


In science we were excited to look at the results of our investigation where we were investigating 'The effect that different everyday drinks have on our teeth'.

We learned that the sugars in many drinks, such as coke and fresh orange juice, turns into an acid, which damages the enamel on our teeth. The eggs that we tested with different drinks became cracked, stained and generally damaged! We discovered that the best drink for our teeth was definitely water, because it had nothing added to it and it didn't harm the egg shell whatsoever (in fact it looked like it cleaned it up!)


Next week, 12 of us will be setting off for Hinning House in the Lake District for a couple of days! We are all extremely excited and look forward to getting stuck into all sorts of activities! For those going, please remember to pack your bags carefully (to make sure you have everything) and that we are leaving at approximately 10 minutes past 9 on Wednesday Morning.

Those that aren't going to Hinning house, don't panic! You are going to be in the very capable hands of Miss Myers in Base 5!


If you would like to keep up to date with what we get upto while we're away - check out The Residential page by clicking here!


Have a great weekend!


From all of us in Base 4! x

Friday 16th January 2015

As you can see from the gallery above, this week we have had a very exciting visit from the Junior Chef Workshop. This linked into our 'Art of Food' topic, as we learned about Fairtrade, healthy eating, different types of tropical fruits, and even created our very own chocolate and fruit truffles! We learned an awful lot, and had a great time in doing so! As you can see from the pictures above, we looked incredibly professional (our cooking wasn't all that bad either!)


In science we continued to explore our topic and have been looking at how different types of foods and sugars effect and damage our teeth. We have set up an investigation to find out how 5 different types of drinks damage the enamel on our teeth - using eggs as we didn't have any spare teeth knocking around the classroom! We will keep you posted and blog about the results next week.


We are all very excited as Base 4 have been entered into an upcoming Rugby League tag tournament at Leigh Sports Village this half-term. Therefore, in P.E we have begun to learn some basic rugby skills, such as passing, catching and running, so that when we turn up, we have a fighting chance and can hopefully do really, really well, whilst having a great time at the same time! It looks like we have got some natural rugby players, and being an ex-rugby amateur rugby player myself, I have very high expectations!


We are very proud of ourselves this week, as not only did we win the 'Attendance Trophy' (again...) we also won the 'Base of the Week' competition, due to the staggering number of Base points we earned last week!


Well done Base 4, keep up the very hard work!

Friday 9th January 2015


Happy New Year from all of us in Base 4. We hope you have had a great Christmas break, and have come back to school ready and raring to go - just like we all have been!


We have had an excellent first week back in school, with all the children eager to learn and excited for our forthcoming trip to Hinning House, as well as beginning our new topic - 'The Art of Food'.


The 'Art of Food' is all about what we use food for, how we eat it and how our body breaks this food down. It is a really exciting and interesting topic, full of hands on investigations that we can perform and learn from.


In our topic lessons this week we have already begun these investigations by finding out about the different types of teeth we have in our mouths! After learning about the different teeth, we used tools such as plastic knifes, glue spreaders and Duplo bricks to represent the different teeth and break some real food down! This investigation was particularly disgusting as we were left with a big mess of mashed banana and Weetabix - which we then realised was what we usually have in our mouths!


We also performed an exciting investigation using disclosing tablets. These tablets showed us just how much plaque built up on our teeth throughout the day, highlighting the importance of regular brushing and looking after our teeth. After all, we only have 2 sets - once they're gone, they're gone!

In maths we have been exploring Roman Numerals, and absolutely flew through this topic. Most of us managed to convert the numbers 1-100 into Roman Numerals, although some of us even managed to go as for as numbers 1-5000. I have been particularly impressed with our maths work this week!


In English we have been exploring stories with issues and dilemmas, discussing what these words mean and using role play and acting to explore different scenario's. We really enjoyed this activity  and it is clear that we have a few aspiring actors and actresses in this Base!


Well done for having such a great first week back. What a way to kick-start this term!


Don't forget that P.E will be starting again next week, so Indoor and Outdoor kits will be needed for Monday and Wednesday.


Have a great weekend,


Base 4



Friday 19th December 2014


This week in Base 4, we haven't stopped! It has been a very, very busy week!

We had the Christmas party on Wednesday, where we all had an absolutely fantastic time. We had a dance to some of our favourite Christmas and party songs, joined in with games and competitions, and had a great time with all of our friends!

We have been very creative and artistic also - creating decoupage Christmas baubles and decorations. We learned that decoupage is a French art form which involves decorating things using small pieces of coloured paper and covering them in a lacquer or transparent layer! Our finished products have been brilliant, creating some very interesting Christmas decorations to take home.

As well as this we have created Christmas calendars, which include a photograph of ourselves and our ambitions for the new year.


Although it is Christmas week, we have still had plenty of work to do - but we had an awful lot of fun in the process! In our maths lessons we have learned to plot co-ordinates on a grid, and created Christmas pictures by plotting a series of co-ordinates and joining them together. We were really successful as this tricky task, creating some brilliant designs by accurately plotting the co-ordinates we were given. We also looked at solving a variety of tricky maths problems linked to Christmas, which really got our brains working at times!

Pupil of the term

I would personally like to congratulate Hannah F on achieving this terms 'Pupil of the term' award in Base 4.

Hannah has received this award because she has grown in confidence since September, and has become member of our base who is constantly involved, giving ideas, sharing feedback and contributing to our learning environment.

Hannah's hugely positive attitude is fantastic to see, and it is very rare that I manage to see her without a smile on her face. Hannah's positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning is contagious and is a fantastic example to set for everybody!

This was a hard decision as it could have been many children in this Base who have constantly strived to work their hardest and demonstrate the skills and attributes that we all look for, but this time Hannah's consistency and the fact that her confidence has made such vast increases, means that she thoroughly deserves it. Well done Hannah!  


Christmas Holidays


As a newly qualified teacher, this has been my first full term with a class of my own - and Base 4 have done themselves proud. We have had a brilliant first term, where we have made leaps and bounds in progress - which I'm sure will continue for the rest of the school year.


Base 4 would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. Enjoy the break from school, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the holidays.


See you next year!


Base 4