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Welcome to the Lowton Junior & Infant School website.  We hope that you will find a wealth of information on these pages that is useful to both current and prospective parents, carers and children.


Our aim is to be a happy, caring and supportive school where each individual is valued and respected. We pride ourselves on providing our children with a friendly and stimulating environment in which they can all learn, develop and achieve their true potential. The partnership between home and school is vital in supporting children’s learning and we actively encourage and welcome parental and carer involvement.


We are very proud and passionate about our school and we hope the website conveys this. However the only way to get a true feel for the school is to come and see us. An appointment is not necessary but if you would like to call to arrange a meeting with myself, please ring the school office on 01942 673213 and they will be happy to arrange one for you.  


Mrs Alison J Davies




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lindsey Farrell(about a month ago)

I would just like to thank Mrs Davies and Mr Woodford for the daily blog on year 4s exciting residential to Hinning House. My family and I loved reading about the classes adventures and sat laughing at their daily updates and mischief. On behalf of my son I would like to apologise for the rude awakening of Mrs Davies at 5.30am, apparently for some unknown reason he wanted to get an early start on the household chores. My son had such a wonderful time with you all and I thank you for providing him with fantastic, lasting memories.

Ann ward(about a month ago)

hello my children have been very welcomed to Lowton junior & infants school so i want to give a masive THANK YOU to all staff

Bill Taylor(about a month ago)

A big hello from Hinning House to all the children and staff of last week’s visit. It’s very quiet here this morning without you! We are waiting for our next group to arrive ready to start their week with us. Let’s hope they are as much fun as you. It is still snowy here and it is even colder, your bogs have frozen over ready to claim more wellies. You were a brilliant group to have around and the way you looked after the Year 8 and 9 children was fantastic. You were always very enthusiastic on activities and keen to help out around the Centre. I hope you made some new friends and that the memories of your stay will last a long time. We hope to see you again.

Mrs Thorpe -Golborne High School staff & GoaLCo Trust member(about a month ago)

Thank you for organising the visit to Hinning House. GoaLCo (The Lowton and Golborne Cooperative Trust) has become such a stronger Trust since all of the Golborne High and Lowton J&I pupils have had a chance to work together and share ideas. It was fantastic to see such excellent team work but also to observe new friendships being formed between Year 4 and the Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils. We have had such an entertaining few days and all of my pupils have commented that they thoroughly enjoyed this experience, despite it being challenging at times. Orienteering and climbing a waterfall were just highlights of our visit but I think the bonds which have formed within the Trust are now very strong. We are all eager to plan the next event with your school. Thank you all!

Mrs H Danson(about a month ago)

I would like to thank Mrs Davis and Mr Woodford for the wonderful blog entries this week during year 4's residential trip to Hinning House. It was very reassuring to read how our daughter and her class mates were getting on and to see pictures of their adventures. The humorous nature that it was written in brought a smile to all the family back at home missing her. Our daughter loved the trip - thank you so much!

Jack Hillidge(about a month ago)

i thoroughly enjoyed my second stay at hinning house, we did plenty of activities during our stay we felt welcomed by the staff (Bill, Adam and Dave- the cook) and we co-operated in many ways. As the chair of GoalCo (golborne and lowton co-operative) i would like to say a massive thanks to mrs davies, mr woodford and mrs thorpe for the enjoyable chance to visit hinning house once again. During our stay we did a couple of activities, which include, the lone walk and fell walking. These activities gave us the chance to work on our teamworking skills and our co-operation.

Kathryn Smith(about a month ago)

This is a fabulous school, they have welcomed Matthew with open arms and he is progressing better than I could have imagined, socially and academically. The best decision I have ever made was moving him here

Martin Staley(about a month ago)

A big thank you to the staff who went to Hinning House. The daily blogs and text messages were fantastic and gave us a real insight into the activities. It sounds like everyone has had a fantastic time!

Veronica Martin(about a month ago)

Yellow Brick Road Workshops A fabulous morning in this lovely, lovely school. Great welcome and hospitality, fantastic pupils with lovely manners who are eager to learn.

Andy Ashton(about a month ago)

My kids feel really at home in the school, its a very welcoming and safe place for them to be. The classrooms, especially the new building, are clean, modern and impressive. We feel our children have progressed very well in their time here, and we look forward to our youngest starting in september!

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