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School Meals

Please click here for the current Dolce Menu

As a healthy eating school, it is important to us that our pupils are provided with freshly cooked, nutritious food.

In 2012 we introduced "Live Kitchen" into our classrooms, in association with Dolce.  The children are able to order their meal each morning during registration via the smart board.  On a daily basis, the children are able to choose from a selection of delicious hot or cold meals.   

The price of each meal is £2.10. Payment is requested in advance or alternatively you can arrange a monthly direct debit.  We don't need you pre-book, so even if your child is usually on sandwiches and they fancy a school dinner, just send in your payment in the morning. 

Every parent can request a 'Parent Login' by contacting the School Office.  This is an excellent way of viewing the menu and pre-ordering if you should wish to do so.   The website will also give you nutritional information, along with the recipes for your child's favourite dish!

If your child has an food allergy, please let us know and we will ensure that they are fully catered for. 


Universal Infant Free School Meals

The government announced that from September 2014, all state funded infant school children will receive a free school meal. This means that if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 from September 2014, you will no longer be required to pay for school meals. Children will still have the option of bringing their own sandwiches if parents choose to do so.


Please note - Those families who were entitled to free meals under the old criteria and for whom school received Pupil Premium grant, will still be required to apply for this benefit. The Pupil Premium grant allows school to assist your child in other ways in addition to free school meals.