Lowton Junior & Infant School

Our Sports Council

Here at Lowton J and I, we are passionate about ensuring we are the healthiest versions of ourselves that we can be.  As a council, we shall be meeting regularly to discuss how we can improve sport in our school.

We want Lowton J and I to be recognised within the borough as being a successful sporting school.

With this in mind, you will see us organising many sports competitions (both within school and against other schools,) we will plan activity days and sports celebrations throughout the year.


Our Sports houses

As a council the first big decision we made was to introduce our sports houses. Every child in our school is placed into one of four houses. Children can earn points for their sports house. At the end of each term the Sports house with the most points earns an afternoon of golden time PE and each member of the winning house receives 10 personal dojo points.

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