Lowton Junior & Infant School




The importance of your child's attendance at school

Having a good education will help to give your child the best possible start in life. 

It is essential that if your child is going to be off school, that you contact the school office on 01942 673213 by 9.15am giving your reason.

If your child is having an unusual amount of time off school, you will be contacted in the first instance by the Pastoral Manager, who will try to ascertain the reason for this. 

If for any reason your child is unhappy, please come and talk to us. We will do everything in our power to resolve the situation and ensure that your child returns to the happy, healthy school environment that we want for every pupil.  

Education Penalty Notice Warning for Non School Attendance

Lowton J & I are passionate about providing your children with the very best education and it is vitally important to us that each child arrives on time and ready to learn. 


The key notes to mention about our policies are that if your child falls within one of more of the following categories within a 12-week period you may receive a penalty notice: -

10 sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence with under 90% attendance

20 sessions (10 days) of unauthorised absence

persistently arrives late to school after the close of registration

We totally understand that you may be late on the odd occasion and it is only if this becomes a regular occurrence that it would become an issue.

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