Lowton Junior & Infant School

Photographs and Filming


At Lowton Junior and Infant School, we are very happy for parents and carers to take photos and video recordings of the assemblies, productions and other school events that we have over the course of the year.  As you know, each year all parents and carers are asked to sign the permission request to advise us whether or not your child can be photographed.  Please be aware that parents and carers are not permitted to take photographs or to make a video recording for anything other than their own personal use.

We now have the exciting dimension of adding our images and videos to our online social network, such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and many other websites.  This means that we can easily share our photos and videos with family and friends,   Whilst this can be very useful to all of us, we must ensure we protect and safeguard all children and staff, including those who do not want to have their images stored online.  There is a strong possibility that other children will also be included within the photos or video recordings that you take.  We must therefore stress that these images should not be distributed or put online (including social media websites) without permission of the people included.  This is to protect all members of our community.  Please note that by putting photos of children on line without their parent/carers permission, you may be breaching the privacy laws surrounding the child.

In order to keep all members of our community safe we must all think carefully before posting online because:-

1.  Once posted and shared online any image or video can be copied and will stay online forever

2.  Some children are at risk and MUST NOT have their image put online.  Not all members of our community will know who they are

3.  Some people do not want their images online for personal or religious reasons

4.  Some children and staff may have a complex family background which means that sharing their image online can have unforeseen consequences.


Publicity including press photography, interviews and videos

Each parent/carer is asked to sign a 'Parent/Guardian Consent Form' which is now located in the permissions section of Parentapp.   Within this app, parents/carers are asked to confirm whether or not their child is able to participate in any publicity including press photography, interviews or videos. Please ensure that you have completed all the relevant permissions within the app.


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